Top 10 Best Cheap AUG Skins in CS2

Top 10 Best Cheap AUG Skins in CS2

By: Poopcie

In this article, we will delve into the best cheap AUG skins in CS2, a continuation of our current series covering all the budget options for weapons in CS2. These skins look amazing for the AUG, especially for the prices attached to them. Of course, you can take advantage of the discounts BitSkins has to offer for even more savings!

AUG | Stymphalian

Let's begin this list of top cheap AUG skins with none other than the AUG | Stymphalian. For artwork alone, this is undisputedly the best design the AUG has to offer. The body and mag of this skin are covered with Egyptian-like engravings, in a bright golden color and black accents. The body and stock also feature the wings of birds, further adding to the art's complexity. This skin will cost just $1.63 on the Steam Community Market in Field-Tested Condition, or save over 24% by purchasing right here on!

AUG | Fleet Flock

Another very solid choice for a top cheap AUG skin if you enjoy a complex art style is the AUG | Fleet Flock. Featuring a blue background with white clouds and a fleet of birds, this is a solid choice for the AUG. For a Field-Tested Condition, this skin will cost $2.30 on the Steam Community Market, or just $1.85 in BitSkins.

AUG | Navy Murano

If you are looking for a budget AUG skin perfect for crafts, consider looking into the AUG | Navy Murano. This skin has a deep blue and black pattern, which makes it perfect for any blue-themed sticker to pop right out. The price of this skin is only $1.32 on Steam for Field-Tested and $1.02 on BitSkins.

AUG | Torque

The simple aesthetic found in the Torque is loved beyond just the AUG, and the design is better known on the USP-S. The AUG does not fail to deliver, however, and wears the Torque skin line arguably even better than the beloved USP-S Torque. The white and black body with yellow accents makes it a very clean design, making it a bit on the expensive side, however. For a Field-Tested Condition version on BitSkins, it will cost you $7.66.

AUG | Chameleon

Next up, we have the AUG | Chameleon. This is by far one of the most unique designs yet, with a nice black pattern on the body and the centerpiece of this skin – a bright green chameleon on the stock of the weapon lashing its tongue out, extending to the body. You can imagine some pretty funny crafts being made with this design. The price of this weapon is $3.07 in Field-Tested Condition, but it's definitely worth the price.

AUG | Snake Pit

The AUG | Snake Pit has a rather chilling design compared to the rest of the skins featured in this list, depicting a pit of dozens of snakes tangled into one, each hissing with its fang and tongues out. If you are a fan of this rather unique design, it will only cost just $0.05 on BitSkins for a Field-Tested Condition.

AUG | Death by Puppy

That last skin was quite grim, so why not lighten the mood with a thousand funky Charlie Brown-styled puppies in green, bright pink, and blue? This just looks straight out of a child’s dream, and honestly, it looks awesome. This is a bit expensive, however, costing $5.88 on Steam in Field-Tested, or just $4.49 on BitSkins.

AUG | Syd Mead

This next top cheap skin fits into the body shape of the AUG perfectly. The metallic red and grey design of the AUG | Syd Mead in combination with the perfectly placed red and yellow accent lines across the body makes this skin look like a railgun straight from the future. This skin will cost just $1.62 in the Steam Community Market for a Field-Tested Condition, but of course, there are always much better prices available on BitSkins!

AUG | Momentum

As the name suggests, AUG | Momentum features dozens of arrows pointing from the stock to the barrel. The color scheme on this weapon is a red-to-blue gradient, starting from the mag. Sadly, because the AUG is only available on the CT side, a good old B-rush is not really possible. In Field-Tested Condition, this skin will cost $2.07 on the Steam Community Market, or save up to 35% by purchasing this top cheap best skin right here on BitSkins!

AUG | Radiation Hazard

Concluding this list of the top cheap AUG skins, we present to you the AUG | Radiation Hazard. This skin features a simpler aesthetic, with only a radioactive symbol on the stock of the weapon. The rest of the body is painted in black and red, making it perfect for any red-themed inventory or crafts. Best of all, this skin only costs $1.68, but you already know you can save big by purchasing these skins through BitSkins!