Update about BitSkins 2.0

Update about BitSkins 2.0

Change Log - Version 1.1.3 (Released on 2023-10-01)

  • Fixed items still in the cart after buying from other screens.
  • Fixed Price filter in market screen.
  • Added confirmation popup when changing item price.
  • Fixed Report export on mobile.
  • Updated My Filters menu
  • Added option to always show item menu
  • Added option to shown items without trade hold.
  • Adjusted search bar update delay.
  • Require login for all pages except the home page.
  • Added confirmation popup when disabling API access.

Thank you for your feedback and continued support. If you need any help, please visit our Discord Server or contact us via support.

Disabled features

  • Buy orders | No ETA
  • API V1 | No ETA
  • RUST & TF2 game | No ETA

Old updates regarding BitSkins 2.0

Update: 01.10.2023 (1.1.3)

  • Replaced all of the CSGO references to CS2.
  • Moved the “Phase” of the item to a new line.
  • Added back the price slider to the Steam Inventory sell screen. 
  • Now on the item page, the “save” button is disabled if you have not made changes to the sell price.
  • Now you can refresh the main market page by clicking on the BitSkins logo or on the "Market" link in the header.
  • Fixed game selection menu on mobile browsers.
  • Fixed website zooming in when you tap the input box or dropdown menu on mobile browsers.

Update: 20.09.2023 (1.1.2)


  • "See your inventory" button after buying in the bulk buy menu
  • In BitSkins Inventory we have added a "Set price" tag for all items that are missing the listing price. Sometimes when Steam is experiencing trade issues we are unable to gather the proper listing price. This tag will help you to find items that needs to be repriced.
  • "Check on the Steam market" option for individual items.


  • From now on if the item costs more than $1800 we display the "Reference price" instead of the "Steam price". 
  • Fixed an issue where the "Items with this sticker" option on the Item page was not working.
  • Resolved the problem of empty sale reports not being generated correctly.
  • Fixed the issue where a user didn't receive their items because an accepted trade offer was incorrectly marked as "active."
  • A problem where a user who was not banned or blocked still encountered an "access denied" error when trying to log in.
  • Fixed the incorrect display of stickers wear on items.
  • Corrected the issue where GX "dota2" covered the checkbox, making it inaccessible.
  • We fixed other small issues that could affect seamless user experience. 

Update: 11.08.2023

  • Fixed VISA withdrawals
  • Unlimint card deposit minimum value is $1 now
  • Unlimint card withdrawal 24h limit is $500 now
  • Discord and Telegram notifications have been partially fixed
  • Fixed escrow limit bug - people without Steam Guard can withdraw their items
  • Fixed bug with minimum crypto deposit amount (before not all deposits were added to the user's balance)
  • Added option to remove assigned credit cards
  • From now on we are showing the paint index in the item details
  • Fixed the "wrong trade link" issue (it didn't work when there was a minus sign in the trade token)
  • Much stable steam trading

Update: 07.08.2023 

  • KYC, yesterday we deployed a fix for the KYC panel. Our team is looking thru your applications as you read this article.
  • Steam Escrow, the error has been solved.
  • The deposit & Withdraw for CSGO has been solved.
  • Longer wait time when depositing cryptocurrency.
  • VISA/Cash withdrawals & deposits 
  • The mobile version of the Website
  • Email/Password issues (If you are not receiving emails from @bitskins.com then your domain or email provider is blocking our emails. Please contact them about the issue.)

Update: 02.08.2023

  • If the item deposit doesn't go thru, try again.
  • Affiliate box blocked by Adblock/AdGuard (https://bitskins.com/affiliate | Disabling the AdBlock on bitskins.com fixes it)
  • You are able to request a VISA withdrawal to Master Card (Don't try it!)
  • There may be a few typos in the English and Polish versions.
  • Buy orders are disabled for the time being.