Updates to Marble Fades - May 2024

Updates to Marble Fades - May 2024

In our most recent article, we discussed the changes implemented on Dopplers and Gamma Dopplers in the latest CS2 update, but we omitted one other knife finish that was affected by the update. Alongside the Doppler family, Marble Fades also received some strange updates over the last few days. Let's take a quick dive into the changes implemented on Marble Fades and their quick reversing.

Initial Change - May 23

The first change to Marble Fade knives occurred in CS2's latest big update, which brought a newly changed Vertigo, the ability to rent skins, and a few updates to knife finishes with the goal of bringing them closer to their CS:GO version. Falling in the crossfire of Valve's knife finish updates lay the Marble Fade, one of the most popular pattern-based knife finishes in the game. The new made the knife a lot darker than it had been since the release of CS2, taking a way a lot of colorful character from the knife. Here is a look at what these knives looked like before and after the update:

Soon after the update was released, tons of panic sellers sold off their Marble Fades, fearing that the update would tank the price of the finish. As usual, the panic sellers ended up regretting their mistakes, as just one day later, they were reverted to their original CS2 appearance with brighter, shinier, and more pronounced colors.

These changes and the speed of their reversions should serve as a lesson that panic selling and buying is never a good idea, because things can change in an instant. Nothing is permanent, and a small change made by the devs can completely change how certain skins look, but that doesn't mean it's going to stay that way forever.