CS2 Vanilla Knife | Glove Combinations

CS2 Vanilla Knife | Glove Combinations

Knives are arguably the key piece to every skin enthusiast's inventory. A unique blade that can be paired with a plethora of gloves to fit exactly your liking. So many finishes are out there but what is the one for you? Of course, it is the Vanilla genre! An amazing amount of Vanilla knife and glove combos are out there but what one is right for you? That's exactly what this guide is made for!

Today I want to take a look into some of the best knife combos highlighting an amazing type of knife, the Vanilla. Vanilla knives stand out from the rest giving the perfect energy that they don’t even need a finish to stand out. Pure epic metal stands out from the rest every day without a doubt. It's unarguable that Vanilla is the best but what gloves fit a good Vanilla Knife? Well, let's just jump right into it with some amazing combinations!

Nomad Knife | Vanilla and Driver Gloves | Black Tie

This combination is quite honestly stunning. The Nomad Knife was simply made for the Vanilla finish. The amazing black and mixed silvers pair just perfectly with the mouth-dropping black and white Driver Gloves | Black Tie. Not only is this combo just shockingly beautiful, but it is quite budget-friendly. As the Driver Gloves | Black Tie gets a higher float; it just adds to that rugged vanilla look we all love. For these reasons, Driver Gloves | Black Tie paired with a Nomad Knife | Vanilla is just a match made in heaven!

Skeleton Knife | Vanilla and Sport Gloves | Nocts

Words cannot even describe how breathtakingly handsome this combination is. The Skeleton Knife is purely an S-tier knife that rules against all lower-tier knives. Standing out with amazing animations and such a unique shape and look it already is a massive win regardless of the gloves. Now saying that you can make it oh so much better! I know you're thinking about how can you make an already flawless knife better, well the answer is a pair of Sports Gloves | Nocts. These gloves are perfect for this knife in so many ways. Sport Gloves | Nocts can range in the amount of black and gray on the gloves so every single combination with these gloves is just fantastically unique. The Skeleton Knife | Vanilla's grey and black design pairs perfectly with a wondrous pair of Sport Gloves | Nocts.

Karambit | Vanilla and Moto Gloves | Eclipse

This combination is just indescribable. The gentle yellow line streaking across the gloves perfectly highlights that small bit of yellow text on the Karambit | Vanilla. Moto gloves are commonly swept under the rug with all the other disgusting gloves, but holy these Moto Gloves | Eclipse just look stunning. By far this is one of the best vanilla combos achievable in CS2.

Survival Knife | Vanilla and Broken Fang Gloves | Unhinged

These two rare special items just pair perfectly with each other. The rugged survivalist look of the gloves fits so wondrously with that of the survival knife. This highlights each other both with color and feature. The bold black and gray of the Broken Fang Gloves | Unhinged fits right into the handle of the blade well also matching the silver that the Survival Knife | Vanilla's cutting edge portrays. This combination is fantastic not only in theme but in budget, as it costs the least compared to the other combinations displayed.

Hopefully, you found a combination you like! These combos are but the tip of the iceberg on a plethora of amazing vanilla combinations. Next time you're buying a combination make sure to check this guide out again for inspiration! If you want to buy a vanilla knife, and glove combination, or any other skins make sure to use BitSkins.com for great prices and service!