What are the Odds of Getting a Gold from a Sticker Capsule in CS2?

What are the Odds of Getting a Gold from a Sticker Capsule in CS2?

Sticker capsules are nothing more than a glorified slot machine, but if you choose to open them regardless of the fact that you are bound to lose money, the least you can do is at least know the odds of opening rare items from them. This short guide dives into the odds of opening each rarity from a Sticker Capsule in CS2, from High Grade(papers) to Extraordinary(golds).

High-Grade (Blue-Paper): 80%(4 in 5)

High-grade stickers, more commonly known as papers, are by far the most common item to unbox from a sticker capsule and are even more common than Mil-Spec skins in weapon cases. They are usually the cheapest items you can get from any capsule, with a few minor exceptions.

Remarkable (Purple-Glitter/Holo): 16%(roughly 1 in 6)

Remarkable skins, which are purple and can either be holos or glitters, depending on the capsule you are opening and when it was released, are 5x rarer than High-Grade stickers. If you open 5 capsules and get at least one of these, you have officially beat the odds.

Exotic (Pink-Holo/Foil): 3.2%(1 in 32)

Now we are moving into the high-tier stickers that you want to see roll in when you open a capsule. Exotic, or pink stickers can be either holos or foils depending on the capsule, and they are usually more expensive than the cost of the capsule, with some exceptions. Opening one of these is more than 5 times rarer than opening a purple, and a whopping 25 times rarer than opening a paper

Extraordinary (Red-Gold):0.64%(1 in 156)

The odds of opening a gold from a capsule in CS2 are 0.64% or 1 in 156 capsules. Due to their rarity and appearance, golds are usually the most expensive stickers in a capsule, and can occasionally fetch prices over $100! However, when you are opening 156 capsules to get a single gold, odds are you aren't going to be making your money back unless you get a lot of exotic stickers.


If seeing how terrible the odds of opening decent items are from capsules in CS2 wasn’t enough to deter you from opening them, we hope this warning will help you understand. CS2 capsules are nothing but a gateway into gambling addiction, and if you choose to unbox them, you are bound to lose money, no matter how lucky you think you are.