What is The Safest Site to Sell and Buy Skins on in CS2

Since the beginning of CounterStrike, the infinitely asked question is where should I buy or sell skins? Throughout the year, people can argue that other sites were better and some were worse but in today's skin economy, one stands out, bitskins.com.

With the constantly changing state of the CS2 trading world, new updates are coming out frequently Possibly the most relevant trading update since the addition of a seven-day trade lock is the addition of an a10-day "invisible" period in which skins cannot be seen in one's inventory after a trade or unboxing.

With the shockingly abrupt and uncommunicated update handed out by by Valve, several famous P2P (person-to-person) marketplaces were left unusable for different amounts of time causing intense problems with verifying trades.

Through the somewhat intense few days after the update Bitskins.com suffered no effect as a result of the update. One of the huge benefits of BitSkins is the bot-to-player system.  

Our Bot To Player Model

When selling the seller logs onto or creates a BitSkins account. Once the account is created a seller navigates to the sell skins tab. Once the sell tab is opened a seller can trade skins from their inventory to the BitSkins bot's inventory. Once the item has reached a bot inventory (where it will stay for however long it takes to be sold or unlisted and withdrawn) the seller lists the item on the BitSkins marketplace. After this, the selling process is an absolute breeze! When a buyer comes along and purchases a seller's item the balance immediately goes to the seller while the item is transferred to the buyer in site inventory where it can either be instantly withdrawn or withdrawn once the trade hold is over.

Buying on BitSkins is safe and efficient. Balance can be added to the site via a plethora of depositing methods including but not limited to BTC, LTC, ETH, Binance, Card, and  Zen pay. Balance can also be gathered by selling skins on the BitSkins marketplace. Once a buyer has purchased or acquired the amount of balance needed for their preferred purchase it is as easy as clicking add to cart and then proceeding to checkout! An item can be on Tradehold but it stays locked in your Bitskins inventory until it can be withdrawn, unless it has no Tradehol,d and then within the click of a withdrawal button a skin can be traded to your inventory!

Why does a Bot to Player system make the buying and selling experience safer?

The Bot to Player system is more efficient and safer than a P2P market system. When using bots your items for sale are safer from potential as they are locked in the official BitSkins bots inventory where they can sit as long as needed until they eventually sell or are withdrawn. What makes this safe is you do not have to worry about things such as API scams when sending a trading offer like a P2P market would simply because you do not send a trade offer. Everything is handled on-site by bots covering your every need. This not only makes the buying and selling process safer it also makes it more efficient and smooth. One does not have to wait potential hours for a skin to be delivered or have to be attentive to when your items sell when you are required to send a trade offer manually.

To end if you are looking for a safe, reliable, and efficient way to buy or sell CS2 skins, simply put Bitskins is the way to go! If you have never tried a Bot to Player system go check it out today at bitskins.com!