Which CS2 Pro Has Earned the Most?

Which CS2 Pro Has Earned the Most?

Playing professional CS2 has a lot of benefits. Traveling all over the globe, playing your favorite game for a living, and more are just a few of the highlights. However, one of the biggest benefits of playing professional CS2 is, you guessed it, the money! Top CS2 pros make hundreds of thousands of dollars yearly from salary, tournament winnings, and major sticker money.

While tournament winnings usually don't make up much of a player's yearly income, some pros have absolutely insane tournament winnings! In this article, we will be taking a look at 5 of the highest-earning CS2 pros of all time.

Dupreeh - $2,209,000

For 12 years, Dupreeh has been fragging out on the Counter-Strike stage, and over that time he has amassed quite the sum of earnings. At 31, he is the most decorated player in CS:GO history, taking home 5 wins from the 19 majors he attended. In total, he has played around 610 matches across 126 tournaments, averaging about $17,500 in winnings per tournament.

Xyp9x - $2,015,000

Fellow Dane and teammate of Dupreeh, Xyp9x, known among the CS2 community as the clutch minister, is currently coaching for MOUZ after a 12-year career as a player. Over those years, he played 672 games across 146 tournaments, averaging just short of $14,000 in winnings per tournament.

dev1ce - $2,001,000

Did we forget to mention that every single player in the top 5 highest earning CS2 players is Danish? Well, now you know, and our next Dane on the list is dev1ce, teammate of Dupreeh and Xyp9x for several years during Astralis's iconic era. Alongside the rest of Astralis, Dev1ce won 4 majors, 2 major MVPs, and took home over 2 million USD.

Karrigan - $1,965,000

We have finally made it out of the Astralis core, at least for the time being, though we haven't managed to escape Denmark. One of the most famous CS2 players of all time, Karrigan has been active in the Counter-Strike scene since he was 16, a whopping 18 years ago. Over that time, he has played 641 matches across 138 tournaments, winning 1 major that cemented him as the oldest player to win a Counter-Strike Major. Now, at 34, Karrigan doesn't show many signs of stopping, and it's only a matter of time before FaZe wins a few more tournaments and surpasses the Astralis core to achieve the most earnings of any Counter-Strike player.

Magisk - $1,905,000

Returning to the Astralis squad, Magisk takes our final spot on the list of the highest-earning CS2 pros. He has won a total of 4 majors, 3 of which with Astralis, and is tied with dev1ce, Xyp9x, and gla1ve(#6 highest earner) for second-most major wins. He has played 593 matches across 126 tournaments, averaging almost exactly $15,000 in prize winnings per tournament.