Which CS2 Player Has Won the Most Majors?

Which CS2 Player Has Won the Most Majors?

Majors are the pinnacle of professional Counter-Strike, and one of the most prestigious events in esports. Every person who has ever launched Counter-Strike has dreamt of going to a major, but few realize such a dream. Those who do devote their lives to the game all with the goal of making it to the big major stage, where they play for millions of dollars with millions of viewers watching their every action.

Among those players are an elite few. It takes an impressive player to make it to a CS2 major. It takes the best players to win a major. But to win multiple majors, it takes a different breed of player. To lift a major trophy multiple times requires unimaginable talent, and it cements any player to achieve it as a titan of Counter-Strike.

In this article, we will be taking a look at some of these titans of Counter-Strike. These players achieved one of the hardest achievements in esports on more than one occasion, and they earned every bit of praise they received. Without any further adieu, let's recognize the Counter-Strike players who have won the most majors.

#1: dupreeh - 5 Majors


Not only is he the highest-earning CS2 player of all time, but also the most decorated player in Counter-Strike history. Dupreeh attended all 19 CS:GO majors and won five, three of which occurred in a row. Four of his wins took place during his time on Astralis, while his most recent major victory was won with Vitality in front of the French home crowd in Paris.

#2(Tied) | dev1ce | Xyp9x | gla1ve | Magisk - 4 Majors


Naturally, the rest of the names on this list are all tied with one another, further demonstrating dupreeh's icon status. All four players with four major wins played on Astralis during its era of domination from 2017 to 2020. The team won a total of 4 majors over 3 years, 3 of which occurred back to back. Alongside dupreeh, these players have cemented themselves as the greatest roster in CS:GO history, and with the number of major wins they earned, it is clear why they are considered the Greatest Team of All Time.

It is also worth noting that while dev1ce, Xyp9x, and gla1ve won all of their majors with Astralis, Magisk joined after Astralis's first win, and earned his fourth alongside dupreeh as a part of the Vitaly squad that won CS:GO's final major.

#3(Tied) | flusha | JW | pronax - 3 Majors

While these names may be a blast of nostalgia for old-school pro-CS:GO fans, they may not ring any bells for the new generation of CS2 players and fans. Flusha, JW, and pronax each earned their three major wins while playing for Fnatic from 2013 to 2015. Flusha and JW, the iconic Swedish duo, played together for nearly 6 years, with pronax by their side for a few years from 2013 to 2015. After the end of his stint with Fnatic and shortly before the end of his professional career, pronax would go on to found GODSENT. Flusha retired from competitive play in 2023, while JW continues to play as a main AWPer for EYEBALLERS.