Will CS2 Be Available on Console?

Will CS2 Be Available on Console?

Last week, we published an article answering the question of whether or not CS2 would be available on Mac. However, it seems like a lot of you were also wondering: will CS2 be available on console? Well fear not, for we have all of the answers you need to know about CS2 and console gaming!

Is CS2 Available on Console?

At the moment, CS2 is not currently playable on any consoles, with the exception of the Steam Deck. In the past, CS:GO was playable on consoles, but very few players took advantage of this ability, and it was rarely updated. As a result, it seems as though Valve has completely given up on Counter-Strike on console gaming setups, and they have released no official statement or plan regarding the franchise's future compatibility with consoles.

Will CS2 be Available on Console?

At the moment, it seems very unlikely that Valve will release a version of CS2 compatible with consoles. However, unlike the situation with CS2 and the Mac operating system, they have made no official statement on the topic, so there is a slight possibility that CS2 will get ported onto Xbox or PlayStation in the future. In the meantime, all that console players can do is hope for good news(or buy a computer).