Will CS2 Replace CS:GO?

Will CS2 Replace CS:GO?

On the 27th of September 2023, CS2 was officially released to the public. Within seconds, the iconic CS:GO logo and name in the Steam Library of 10's of millions of gamers was replaced by the brand new CS2 logo. But was this more than a visual replacement? Did it represent the monumental transition from one era of Counter-Strike to the next, leaving more than a decade of memories to fade into the background of our memories? Will CS2 replace CS:GO? Is CS:GO gone forever?

Don't worry. As usual, we have all of the answers right here for you.

Will CS2 Replace CS:GO?

As of now, CS2 has completely replaced CS:GO. It is no longer possible to play CS:GO on official servers, rendering the game completely useless with the exception of the ability to play with bots, open cases, and do trade-up contracts. When Valve first announced CS2 back in spring of 2023, they said the following:

Counter-Strike 2 arrives this summer as a free upgrade to CS:GO

The terminology "upgrade" suggests that CS2 is a complete replacement of Global Offensive. But that doesn't necessarily mean all hope is lost...

Is CS:GO Gone Forever?

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive may not be lost forever. At the moment, players can still access CS:GO's "Legacy Version," though this version does not have official servers.

How to play Legacy CS:GO Version:

  1. Go to Counter-Strike 2 in your Steam Library
  2. Click Properties
  3. Click Betas
  4. Select ‘Legacy CS:GO Version’ from the dropdown menu.

According to Valve, the Legacy Version of CS:GO is a "frozen build." So all old CS:GO features are available, but official matchmaking is not possible, with all servers now dedicated to CS2.

However, Valve has also announced that on January 1st, 2024, they will end support for the Legacy Version, meaning that in just two weeks, CS:GO may be gone forever.

Is There Hope?

Just because CS:GO is gone now doesn't mean Valve won't bring it back in the future. They may want as many people playing CS2 as possible so that they can streamline updates and improve the game as much as possible. Once the game is running smoothly, CS:GO may return, but we won't make any promises.