Frequently Asked Questions

Who's behind BitSkins?

We are veterans from the gaming and payments industries based in San Francisco, CA. Our CEO, Atif Nazir, can be contacted directly through Twitter or by email. Go on, say hello!

What currency are the amounts in?

All amounts are shown in US Dollar.

How much fee do you charge?

BitSkins charges a maximum sale fee of 15% per sale from the amount deposited to the seller's account on sale. This fee decreases as your sale volume increases.

Higher tier accounts have lower fees. See Fee Schedule.

I entered the wrong Zip Code and I got charged multiple times!

Short answer: you did not. The multiple charges you see are charges that were refunded immediately on failed card verification by our payment processor. It takes some time for these refunded charges to disappear from your card's statement -- in the US, it takes between 2 days to 14 days, depending on individual banks'/card issuers' policies.

Rest assured you were only charged for amounts for which you received e-mail receipts. These are the only funds that will be confirmed in your card's statement.

What is your Refund Policy?

Users are allowed to add funds in specific denominations (5, 10, 25, etc.). Once funds are added to BitSkins, the users may use these funds to purchase in-game items from BitSkins directly. Once an item is purchased, and if it is marked as withdrawable instantly, it is immediately withdrawable by the user to their Steam inventory.

Funds that are not used by users to purchase in-game items are eligible for refunds, for which we require a simple e-mail request to The refunds have to be requested within 60 days. Funds from transactions that have been partially spent may not be available for refunds.

All item purchases, once executed, are non-refundable.

Can I send items I purchased to a friend/my other account?

No. Items purchased by a Steam account can only be delivered to the same Steam account. No exceptions.

I have funds in my Balance, but I can't withdraw them!

Withdrawals are only meant for proceeds of item sales. As long as the net proceeds of item sales are at least the requested amount, the withdrawal will be executed. Otherwise, you will be shown an error stating the maximum withdrawable balance instead. If you have deposited funds recently, you will need to wait at least 21 days before you can withdraw your proceeds of sales.

When do I receive my withdrawn proceeds of sales?

Within 5 minutes for PayPal, and Skrill. Under some cases, withdrawals may take upto 7 business days for any payout method.

You can request withdrawals of at least USD 5.00 via PayPal/Skrill through your Wallet.

How do I deposit items I want to sell?

Simply click on the 'Sales' tab, and then 'Sell Items' link in the navigation bar above, and list up to 100 items at once for sale. We recommend pricing your items lower than the suggested prices.

Why is my name different from my Steam account?

Your Steam name is anonymized at BitSkins for your security. This is done to mitigate security threats posed by malicious software, such as Steam-related browser extensions. We recommend removing all Steam-related browser extensions while you use any Steam-focused websites, including the Steam website itself.

If you are unsure about the Steam profile you're currently using at BitSkins, simply log out, and log back in with the correct account at BitSkins.

Someone said they got banned at BitSkins for nothing. Is it true?

BitSkins, Inc. does not take bans lightly. If someone has been banned, it is because they've tried to commit payments fraud, impersonated other Steam users/entities, attempted ID verification fraud, or endangered other Steam users' safety (e.g., phishing, misleading trade offers, etc.). If you believe you've been wrongly banned at BitSkins, Inc., we can take a look at your case again if you request it via, but you may not receive a response if we ascertain malicious behavior on your part.

Steam, with which BitSkins, Inc. is not affiliated, provides an ecosystem that is valuable to alot of people; we will do our best to safeguard its users' interests. Stay safe, and please abide by common sense codes of conduct.

Someone says they're 'partnered' with you. Is it true?

No, BitSkins does not advertise for, or endorse, any third-party site or individual, or their activities, whether wholly or in part. Beware of anyone claiming to be 'partnered' with BitSkins, Inc.

I found a bug. Do you offer a bug bounty?

We do! Drop us a line through our Contact Form. Bug bounty eligibility is decided by us alone. Example of an eligible bug: two-factor authentication bypass.