Website changelog

Update 2486/2021

  • Added Favorite Item feature. You can now Favorite items listed on BitSkins to be able to check all the items you're keeping an eye on in the same page! Click the star icon on any item to add it to the list, and find the list here.
  • Added Argentina to the list of unsupported countries for VISA withdrawals on the Balance page (this service was already unavailable in this country).
  • Fixed issue that was not letting some items show up in special item searches.
  • Fixed stickers from the Broken Fang and Recoil collection not working when searching items with stickers.

Update 20/6/2021

  • Bot names changed to "BS". This change is going to be rolled bot by bot and can take multiple days to affect all bots.

Update 4/5/2021

  • BTC minimum withdrawal amount increased to $100.
  • ETH minimum withdrawal amount increased to $100.
  • BTC flat withdrawal fee increased to $25 to cover high network costs.

Update 14/3/2021

  • The cashback feature when having in your Steam name has been permanently removed.
  • The following cases are now accepted:
    • Glove Case
    • Chroma Case
    • Chroma 2 Case
    • Operation Phoenix Case
    • Operation Breakout Case
    • Operation Vanguard Case

Update 8/4/2021

  • Z1BR items are no longer supported on BitSkins due to game developers disabling trading for all Z1BR items. This feature will be back once the game developers announce they fully support trading again.

Update 3/3/2021

  • RUST items are no longer supported on BitSkins. All items have been unlisted and can be withdrawn from your Pending Items page.

Update 9/11/2020

  • Added manual fix to incorrect Suggested prices. This will be rolled out over time and should significantly improve accuracy of suggested prices.

Update 29/10/2020

  • Added Live Chat.
  • Lowered Credit Card deposit fees to 2.7%.
  • Lowered Credit Card withdrawal fees to 3%.
  • Removed Lowest Price icon which was causing significant performance issues.

Update 21/10/2020

  • Added more search filters to Deals page.
  • Added Lowest Price icon to items on Deals page. Update: Removed in later update.

Update 10/10/2020

  • Enabled ETH withdrawals.
  • Added back Type, Rarity, Itemset and Wear filters to Advanced options.
  • Added image pop up when first entering the site.
  • Fixed incorrect Trade Hold time showing for some specific Dota 2 items.
  • Minor bug fixes.

Update 23/9/2020

  • Added special filters for specific items. This will allow you to search for Doppler gems and rare Case Hardened patterns, as well as any other specific pattern ID you want.
  • Added autobumps.
  • Added setting to change your referral link so it can be personalized.
  • Unlisted all cases that are no longer accepted. If you had any of these listed, you'll find them on your Pending page.
  • Added extra buttons to Sell Item page to make it easier to recognize similar items.
  • Minor bug fixes.

Update 8/9/2020

  • Added option to deposit custom amounts to other deposit methods.
  • Added Bulk Buy page that lets you buy up to 50 items at once (it must be the same item and condition). Available here.
  • Added Sell Items (1 by 1) option to the Sales menu.
  • Added Suggested Price of stickers when hovering over any sticker of any item.
  • Added privacy option to show / hide your own store.
  • Added option to filter TF2 items by Type, Class and Rarity.
  • Added searching for sticker listings when clicking on a sticker from any item.
  • Added better autocomplete options to Sticker field on Advanced Search.
  • Added support to search for multiple items at once (separated by ;) and items with exact name (inside " ").
  • Added new separated page for Transaction History.
  • Removed Transaction History table from Balance page (Moved to Transaction History page).
  • Enabled Chatbox.
  • Removed lower case options from autocomplete in Price Check and Buy Order pages.
  • Removed non-existent items from autocomplete in Price Check and Buy Order pages.
  • Fixed not being able to search items with stickers from the latest sticker capsules.
  • Fixed autocomplete on Price Check and Buy Order pages not working properly when typing more than two words.
  • Fixed ignoring a fourth item on the Deals page no longer crashes the site and instead replaces the first ignored item.
  • Fixed empty spaces showing on item list when selling items.
  • Restricted which cases cannot be listed for sale. Cases accepted:
    • CS:GO Weapon Case
    • CS:GO Weapon Case 2
    • CS:GO Weapon Case 3
    • Operation Bravo Case
    • Operation Hydra Case
    • Huntsman Weapon Case
    • Winter Offensive Weapon Case
    • Shattered Web Case
    Note: All cases that can no longer be listed and are currently listed for sale will be unlisted in an upcoming update, you'll be able to withdraw them from your Pending page.

Update 20/8/2020

  • Sort by Date Added - Low to High is no longer possible.
  • You can now ignore up to 3 items on the Deals page. Update: we're aware of an error when trying to ignore more than 3 items.
  • Added text to the purchase items pop up confirming whether the cashback feature is currently enabled or not.
  • Improved search functionality on the Price Check page, no longer requiring you to write the exact item name for the autocomplete to work.
  • Minor bug fixes.

Update 16/8/2020

  • Removed PayPal and Bank Wire tabs from Deposit / Withdraw sections on the Balance page.
  • Maintenance in order to correct database sync issues finished.
  • Enabled 5% deposit bonus.

Update 18/7/2020

  • Fixed error not letting users properly enter Credit Card information on mobile devices.

Update 22/6/2020

  • Fixed Talon Black Pearl not being recognized as such.
  • Minor bug fixes.

Update 9/6/2020

  • Removed support items from Unturned, PD2, KF2, JS, BAT1944, Depth, BSQ, Armello and IoNBR.
    • If you had items listed from these games, you can find them on your Pending page.
    • The only games that remain supported are CSGO, Dota 2, TF2, Z1BR and Rust.

Update 4/6/2020

  • Added filter by trade hold status for Dota 2.

Update 30/5/2020

  • Adjusted Dota 2 transactions to the new trade hold rules.
    • Added trade hold information on item listings.
    • Added trade hold information on Pending page.

Update 12/5/2020

  • Credit card withdrawals daily limit increased to $1000.

Update 11/5/2020

  • All pending Payday 2 safes (purchased since February) have been refunded.
  • All listed Payday 2 safes have been unlisted and hidden. Safes are no longer tradable / marketable on Steam, until this changes, safes are no longer accepted at BitSkins.

Update 9/5/2020

  • Credit card withdrawals daily limit increased to $500.
  • Added account setting to opt out of promotional emails.

Update 8/5/2020

  • Direct credit card deposits have been enabled once again.
  • Improved security for credit card transactions.
  • Direct credit card withdrawals are now available - VISA cards only, a deposit of at least $5 with the card is required to be elegible for withdrawals. Daily limit: $200.
  • Added account setting to hide your balance from the site header.
  • Added email address check when registering / changing address to prevent users from using unsupported domains.
  • Changed withdrawal date text in transaction table when a withdrawal is pending to be more accurate.
  • Minor bug fixes.

Update 4/3/2020

  • Direct credit card deposits are now supported! // Update: This feature has been temporarily disabled as we're improving our security system. It'll be back shortly. // Update 2: This method is now available again.

Update 21/3/2020

  • We've added instructions on the Balance page to deposit / withdraw crypto by buying it with different methods on exchanges.

Update 27/2/2020

  • PayPal deposits and withdrawals are disabled. This option will remain disabled until PayPal decides to let us enable it again.
  • Cryptocurrency withdrawal fees have been lowered to 2% (from 4%).

Update 2/2/2020

  • Fixed bug showing incorrect price when listing an item and switching pricing tabs.
  • Fixed issue not letting users reply to support tickets.
  • Added section on support page for users who are not logged in.

Update 27/1/2020

  • Balance is now hidden until a valid Secure Access token is provided.
  • PayPal whitelist application response time significantly improved.

Update 25/1/2020

  • FAQ rewritten and updated.
  • Enabled PayPal withdrawals again using the new system. Current limits are subject to change.

Update 21/1/2020

  • Fixed buy orders not being fulfilled properly.
  • Several improvements for the new support system.
  • You can now buy bump packs at a discounted price here.

Update 15/1/2020

  • Search options added:
    • Float range.
    • Sticker name (only 1 sticker at a time).
  • New support ticket system.
  • Significantly faster PayPal withdrawals.
  • Modified information text on Sell Items and Balance to be more transparent and accurate.

Update 12/1/2020

  • Expanded amount of transactions shown on balance page.

Update 20/12/2019

  • You can now relist multiple items at once (same item with same appid) from the Pending page.
  • Searching by item rarity for DOTA2 items.

Update 11/12/2019

  • PayPal payouts are available again.
  • PayPal daily withdraw limit is set to $250 (this will be reviewed in the future).
  • Minimum PayPal payout amount is $100.
  • Added Bank Wire payouts This feature is no longer supported.
  • Minimum Bank Wire payout amount is $250.

Update 14/11/2019

  • Payssion deposits are now supported. This allows users to deposit through a wide variety of payment methods, including Alipay, WebMoney, QIWI, PSC, Dotpay and dozens of methods available for specific regions across the world.
  • PayPal daily deposit limit has been increased to $250.
  • Dates have been changed to YYYY/MM/DD.
  • Fixed float values not being displayed correctly for all items.
  • Fixed some item prices from the Steam Community Market not being displayed correctly.

Update 7/11/2019

  • PayPal deposits are now available. During this starting time, deposits will be limited to $100 per day.

Update 29/10/2019

  • Cashback (0.5%) for having on your Steam name have been enabled again.

Update 28/10/2019

  • The 15-9% fee plan has been reduced to a 10-5% plan. This does not affect users with the 4.8-5% plan.
  • Bitcoin withdrawal $10 fee has been reduced to $5.

Update 20/10/2019

  • "Custom" tab is now selected by default on the Sell Items page.
  • Changed Ascending / Descending to Low to High / High to Low.

Update 19/10/2019

  • Advanced search icon changed.
  • Added red outline to No items found message.

Update 17/10/2019

  • G2A Pay is back as a deposit method.

Update 13/10/2019

  • ETH withdrawals are now available.

Update 11/10/2019

  • LTC withdrawals are now available.
  • Music Kits are no longer possible to be listed.

Update 10/10/2019

  • BTC withdrawals are now available.

Update 6/10/2019

  • Cryptocurrency deposits are now open (KYC required).
  • Skin transactions are fully working (listing, selling, purchasing, withdrawing)
  • $2.000 daily purchase limit has been removed.