Best Anime & Kawaii Skins in CS2, Part 2

Best Anime & Kawaii Skins in CS2, Part 2

Nowadays, having your eyes glued to the screen indulging in anime goodness is trendy and cool, with the Japanese animation finding its way into the mainstream world, especially gaming.

Counter-Strike has adapted the anime culture into its game through different game cosmetics, including skins and stickers which made the community embrace it wholeheartedly.

After learning about some of the anime-themed skins in our original article, we decided to look deeper into it and find more unique anime and Japanese-inspired skins. So, get your notepads and sign into the BitSkins market to find all the mentioned skins below.

M4A1-S | Player Two

This Kawaii CS2 anime skin is a tribute to the entire idea of skins, in an attempt from the creator; kadzor, to show his love for the game and Steam Workshop.

It’s decorated with different symbols and inscriptions such as; I❤ Skins, GLHF, and Vanguard, on top of an interpretation of the GIGN CT agent as an anime character.

With its bright orange and blue, this anime skin is a must-have for every otaku!

Fun fact: The GIGN Counter-Terrorist agent is no longer available in CS2.

M4A1-S | Player Two, kadzor Steam Workshop

Galil AR | Crimson Tsunami

Although this spectacular skin doesn’t include anime artwork, Galil AR | Crimson Tsunami was inspired by Hokusai's Great Wave off Kanagawa and Japanese woodblock printing.

With its significant relevance in the Japanese culture, it successfully transitioned into anime with many series using some form of it in their adaptations, notably seen in Demon Slayer’s protagonist Tanjiro’s Water Breathing techniques and forms such as Water Surface Slice, Blessed Rain After the Drought and Striking Tide.

P90 | Neo Queen

The P90 | Neo Queen is a Sci-Fi canvas featuring neon colors and a woman drawn in anime style. Although it’s only Restricted skin, it's well detailed with the custom graffiti art on top of it, as well as the snake across it, giving an extra touch of futuristic cyberwave vibe.

This CS2 anime skin was released in the same collection as the MAC-10 | Sakkaku, making it a fan favorite case amongst anime enjoyers.

Sawed-Off | Kiss♥Love

From the creator of  MAC-10 | Sakkaku; 4Gauder, this Sawed-Off | Kiss♥Love makes a great addition to any anime-themed inventory.

The pink colors match the same aesthetic as most anime skins in CS2, on top of the sleek design using both sides of the gun to finish the art.

The overall design keeps things simple yet stylish. It's got the "CSGO" logo etched in there, along with some pretty flower graphics. The barrel's got this cool wavy pattern, adding a bit of flair without going overboard.

MP9 | Mount Fuji

Well, it seems like Japan has it all; Food, culture, anime, and beautiful scenery. An endless ocean of inspiration for creative minds.

As the Japanese proverb reads: "A wise man will climb Fuji. once, only a fool climbs it twice." But in CS2 terms it's: “A wise man will buy the skin at first glance, only a fool will look at it twice”.

Similar to many anime-themed skins in the game, the color palette of pink and light blue fits well with the rest. Despite not having a direct anime influence, it’s still a good pick!

Glock-18 | Bullet Queen

Created by the infamous artist with countless successful submissions; 2Minds. The Glock-18 | Bullet Queen is a necessary piece for an anime-themed loadout.

With angry bullets ready to be launched, stars to represent your skill, and most importantly a good-looking waifu to crush on.

This skin was originally named “SHUSH”, but the devs decided on Bullet Queen considering it fits better.

M4A4 | Neo-Noir

Finding a CS2 player who doesn’t recognize the Neo-Noir collection is like looking for a unicorn.

The skin features an anime-like girl with an exclusive B/W Illustration and some fancy striking coloring to give it an additional push.

Four skins out of six from the collection successfully made it into the game including the USP-S, AWP, M4A4, and Glock-18. Leaving only the UMP-45 and M4A1-S behind.

Spoiler alert: Both of the UMP-45 and M4A1-S are just as beautiful.

With the developers regularly shipping more anime-themed skins into the game, you can rest assured that more are definitely coming sooner or later, so be sure to check out the Steam Workshop more often and upvote your favorite skins.