Best CS2 Agents

Best CS2 Agents

Agents are one of the most easy to neglect aspects of your CS2 loadout. Unfortunately, since you rarely see your agent except on the loading screen at the beginning of each half of a match, it is easy to ignore your agent's skin. However, if you want to truly perfect your loadout, you must have an agent, and luckily for you, BitSkins is here to list some of the best CS2 agents AND offer you amazing prices on all of them!

Sir Bloody Skullhead Darryl | The Professionals

There are a TON of Darryl skins in CS2, 6 to be exact, but we have gone for the Skullhead Darryl for two reasons. Firstly, this is the cheapest covert agent with a gold watch. Although it may seem trivial, a watch with an agent can seriously improve the appearance of your skin, and nothing beats the gold watch. The second reason we chose this agent is that it is extremely affordable at just $16, but you can only get this price when you purchase the agent from which sells it for 21% cheaper than Steam's price of $20.79.

Special Agent Ava | FBI

Ava might not be the most expensive CT agent in CS2, but she is one of the most popular. Her FBI suit, plain blue sleeves, and white streaked hair make her unique and well-loved by the community. But what you may love even more than the agent herself is BitSkins' price of just $10.18, which is 21% cheaper than the Steam Community Market's price.

'Medium Rare' Crasswater | Guerrilla Warfare

If you are looking for an intimidating agent that is sure to instill fear in your enemies, then there is really no better option than "Medium Rare" Crasswater from the Guerrilla Warfare family of terrorist agents. Mr. Crasswater is so brave that he runs around shirtless, exposing his dense, scar-covered muscles and battle-hardened build. You can find Crasswater on for just 13.50, which is 8% cheaper than Steam!

Lt. Commander Ricksaw | NSWC SEAL

He may not be quite on the level of "Medium Rare" Crasswater in terms of toughness, but if you want a strong-looking agent then Ricksaw is a great option for you! His rolled-back sleeves look great in game, and make screenshots look great! Best of all, he is the cheapest CS2 agent on this list with a price of just $7.95!

Number K | The Professionals

Number K is probably the most iconic agent skin in CS2, and yet most people probably don't know him by his real name as they are more accustomed to hearing him referred to as "Condom-Man." But whatever you choose to call him, you have to admit that this agent is one of the best CS2 agents out there, and although he may be a bit pricey, you can save 18% when you buy him from BitSkins for $29.01.

Cmdr. Frank 'Wet Sox' Baroud | SEAL Frogman

Commander Frank "Wet Sox" Baroud may look a bit out of place, but we can assure you that his bulky gear and tight suit don't hinder your speed in the game. What we can assure you is that rocking this unique skin will garner the attention of both enemies and teammates. Best of all, buying it from BitSkins will save you upwards of 25% compared to Steam price!