Best Green-Themed CS2 Inventory: Shotguns and Machine Guns Edition!

Best Green-Themed CS2 Inventory: Shotguns and Machine Guns Edition!

Green! The unique color inside the RGB color model. In this article, we are going through the best shotgun and machine gun skins that highlight the color green and fit perfectly in the green-themed inventory.

MAG-7 | Counter Terrace

Starting, the MAG-7 | Counter Terrace is a MAG-7 Skin from The Rising Sun Collection, which was added to Counter-Strike in 2015. The skin has a main theme of green with many stacked 3D cubes all across the body of the MAG-7 which creates a nice pattern. The creator of the skin influenced the “Tessellations” which were created back in 4000 BC. You can purchase the MAG-7 | Counter Terrace on BitSkins for $100, which is 13% cheaper compared to Steam.

Nova | Toy Soldier

The Nova | Toy Soldier is a Nova skin released in the Horizon case in 2018. The skin creator was inspired by the famous American 3D Plastic green toy soldiers that were used to roleplay and play for children. As we can see the creator wanted to create an identical copy with the green plastic slate-type material for the body and on the stock of the shotgun we can see the typical army star logo. Even better you can buy the Nova | Toy Soldier on BitSkins for only $0.42, instead of paying $0.58 on Steam.

Sawed-Off | Limelight

Released in 2016 by the Gamma Case, the Sawed-Off | Limelight is an amazing skin for the green-themed inventory. The skin is followed with lime lines elegantly crossing all over the skin on the dark grey background and white outlines and the handle has a dark urban camo. You can easily buy the Sawed-Off | Limelight on BitSkins for only $0.85, which is 33% cheaper compared to Steam’s price tag of $1.26.

XM1014 | Banana Leaf

Not being the brightest green skin but the XM1014 | Banana Leaf is the best XM skin to fit the green-themed inventory. With its, as the name suggests, highly detailed banana leaf patterns which are hydrographic patterns of overlapping leaves spanning all across the shotgun. Buying the XM1014 | Banana Leaf on BitSkins will give you a nice 10% discount compared to Steam’s Marketplace.

M249 | Aztec

Starting with the machine guns, we have the M249 | Aztec, which was released in the CS20 Case back in 2019. The M249 Skin was created to celebrate the Counter-Strike map Aztec, with the creator keeping the same theme of “lost and forgotten”, by adding dark green vines and moss all on top of the ancient temple engravings on the M249. The dark green of the moss fits well with the green-themed inventory. Best of all, buying the M249 | Aztec on BitSkins will give you a fantastic 30% discount at a very low price of $0.44.

Negev | Ultralight

Not being the greenest skin for the themed inventory, the Negev | Ultralight, released in 2020 by the Fracture Case, this skin is completely grey with a dark urban digital camo, but the arrows pointing to the left are green with a sick lighting up effect, which lights up every time you shoot the machine gun. Buying the Negev | Ultralight will get you a nice 32% discount when buying on BitSkins compared to Steam.