Best Green-Themed Inventory: Rifles Edition!

Best Green-Themed Inventory: Rifles Edition!

Green! The unique color inside the RGB color model. In this article, we are going through the best green skins for rifles in CS2 that fit perfectly in the green-themed inventory.

AK-47 | Green Laminate

Starting with the AK-47, the AK-47 | Green Laminate is a perfect rifle skin for the green-themed inventory. Following the Default AK-47, the wood is replaced with a delicate green dyed wood, a green laminate that has been applied to this AK's stock, grip, and handguard, also a nice skin to create 3x crafts with green stickers to even more in the green theme. You can buy the Factory New AK-47 | Green Laminate on BitSkins for $16.59, which is 19% cheaper compared to Steam’s $20.47 price tag.

AUG | Carved Jade

Released by The Ancient Collection, the AUG | Carved Jade is a fantastic skin for the green-themed inventory where it has been painted with a chrome base coat and candied in transparent jade-green anodized effect paint, perfect for the green theme! Buying the AUG | Carved Jade on BitSkins will give you a nice 27% discount, at the price of $16.60.

AWP | Containment Breach

Straight from the Shattered Web Case, the AWP | Containment Breach is a fantastic and perfect skin for the green-themed inventory. With its combination of dark and light lime green and black accents on the mag and scope. On the body and stock of the gun, we can see mutant rats and big monsters that perfectly tie in the theme of containment of probably nuclear waste that broke out and infected the rats to create them into monsters or mutants. The skin overall is highly detailed and probably is the best skin to be added to the green-themed inventory. Best of all, you can buy the AWP | Containment Breach on BitSkins for only $43.24, which is 30% cheaper compared to Steam’s $61.38 price tag.

FAMAS | Meow 36

Released in 2022 by the Recoil Case, the FAMAS | Meow 36 is a good fit for the green-themed inventory, with its tectonic green metal finish and its accents of white, and black slate. You can buy the FAMAS | Meow 36 on BitSkins for the very cheap price of $0.09, which is 34% cheaper compared to Steam.

G3SG1 | Green Apple

From The Bank Collection, the G3SG1 | Green Apple is a simple rifle skin spray-painted solid color in green, like a real green apple, and a black color scheme. Simple but elegant and perfect for the green-themed inventory. At the very low price of $0.07, you can buy the G3SG1 | Green Apple on BitSkins, which is 30% cheaper compared to the Steam Market.

Galil AR | Eco

A classified tier rifle skin from the Chroma 2 Case, the Galil AR | Eco, is an amazing skin for the green-themed inventory. It has been painted green and white to mimic a recyclable bin, with next to the magazine we can see the recyclable logo indicated. Better than the skin itself is if you buy it on BitSkins for the price of $2.96, instead of paying $4.39 on Steam.

M4A1-S | Emphorosaur-S

From the newest case released in Counter-Strike, the Revolution Case brought us the M4A1-S | Emphorosaur-S, a play on words with the M4A1-S, as the skin itself is dinosaur-themed. It has been custom painted, mostly green and yellow, to look like a dinosaur is clawing through the side of the rifle. With the green and the highly detailed effects of the skin, it perfectly fits in the green-themed inventory! Even better, you can buy the M4A1-S | Emphorosaur-S on BitSkins for $0.45, which is 36% cheaper compared to Steam.

SCAR-20 | Emerald

Released from The Alpha Collection, the SCAR-20 | Emerald is painted with a chrome base coat and candied in transparent emerald anodized effect paint, giving it a perfect reflective and clean green emerald look which is amazing for the green-themed inventory. You can purchase the SCAR-20 | Emerald on BitSkins for $88.14, which is 22% cheaper compared to Steam’s higher price of $112.36.

SG 553 | Dragon Tech

Being a similar style to the infamous AWP | Atheris, this is an incredible skin for such a low price, it has been custom painted with a highly detailed biomechanical green dragon in the middle of the rifle. With circuit boards on the barrel of the gun which are highly detailed, and green fire all across the gun which fits well for the green-themed inventory. Buying this cheap skin on BitSkins for only $0.34 will grant you a 36% discount compared to Steam.

SSG 08 | Acid Fade

The Safehouse Collection has given us the SSG 08 | Acid Fade. It has been painted by airbrushing transparent paints that fade together over a chrome base coat and it is a pattern-based sniper rifle skin, with the possibility to have less or more lime green on the SSG 08. The best patterns for full fade with the most green are patterns 575 and 449. Best of all you can find amazing offers on the SSG 08 | Acid Fade on BitSkins!