Best Pink-Themed Inventory: SMGs Edition!

Best Pink-Themed Inventory: SMGs Edition!

The color pink! The secondary color in our palette. In this article, we are going through the best SMG skins that highlight the color pink and fit perfectly in the pink-themed inventory.

MAC-10 | Neon Rider

Starting with the MAC-10, we have the MAC-10 | Neon Rider for the pink-themed inventory, released in 2015 by the Chroma 2 Case. The skin has been custom painted with the image of a biker commonly known as the “synth-wave theme”, which was based predominantly on the music associated with action, science-fiction, and horror film soundtracks of the 1980s and the color scheme on clothing that they used to wear which was bright colors such as hot pink, light blue, neon green and yellow. The MAC-10 Skin has incredible detail of the biker with the deadly look of the skull on his front driving helmet. The skin also has incredible contrast with the color mixing, to bring this skin to a perfect look as it already is, even more, perfect is the amazing deal you can get yourself on BitSkins! Buying the Factory New MAC-10 | Neon Rider will make you achieve an outstanding 30% discount (compared to Steam) at the price of $8.70.

MP7 | Fade

Released by The Inferno 2018 Collection, the MP7 | Fade is a perfect contender for the pink-themed inventory. It has been painted by airbrushing transparent paints that fade together over a chrome base coat. While the skin is pattern-based with the fade, it is important to get a higher fade percentage to receive more pink on the MP7, a lower fade percentage could look dull with more green and grey and way less of the pink we want. The good news is that on BitSkins you can buy the MP7 | Fade at 93% fade percentage with lots of pink at the price of $8.21, instead of paying $9.94 on Steam, which is 17% more expensive.

MP9 | Mount Fuji

Straight from the Operation Riptide Case in 2021, the MP9 | Mount Fuji is a fantastic skin for the pink-themed inventory. The MP9 skin has an acrylic painting texture layer on the skin to give a better quality and detailed look. The skin is based on the infamous Mount Fuji in Japan, the active volcano which has an elevation of 3,776 meters. We can see that the skin perfectly resembles Mount Fuji with amazing detail of the outlines of the snow and birds in the sunset sky, speaking of the sunset the MP9 skin has a cool unique pattern where it shifts the mountain and the sun to the right of the MP9 which creates a perfect position for the best position for the MP9. The MongolZ team sticker will fit perfectly in the sun to create a perfect craft or even any round sticker. All the patterns on the MP9 where you can do this are 17, 22, 89, 202, 204, 229, 266, 347, 356, 545, 615, 654, 675, 700, and 923. Best of all, on BitSkins you can buy the MP9 | Mount Fuji for 34% cheaper, at the price of $5.51, instead of paying the extra cost at Steam at the price of $8.39.

UMP-45 | Wild Child

The UMP-45 | Wild Child, is an amazing skin for the pink-themed inventory, released with the Revolution Case in 2023. Beneath sketches of bullets, a crown, and other designs, bands of neon color, mainly pink are the base of this custom-painted UMP-45. The reason behind the name “Wild Child” is the depiction of a child scribbling and drawing over the SMG, for example, we can see crayon-style bullets drawn on the magazine of the UMP, as well a bunch of cartoony doodles all across the body of the gun, a playful twist. Buying the creative UMP | Wild Child on BitSkins will give you a fantastic 32% discount at the price of $1.34 compared to Steam.