CS2 Bob Command: How to Enable and Disable Bob in CS2

CS2 Bob Command: How to Enable and Disable Bob in CS2

After months of waiting, CS2 developers have finally addressed countless complaints surrounding the lack of a bob command by shipping a new bob setting to the game. It may not be exactly what we wanted, but it's definitely better than nothing.

What is Bob in CS2?

Bob is the animation that your weapon model and hand perform as you move. When you move side to side or forward and backward, you will see the visible parts of your character bobbing up and down to make the game feel more like real life.

In CS:GO, bob could be disabled using the command cl_bob 0. Most players disabled bob due to its distracting nature, but that hasn't been an option in CS2 yet, until recently. Now, Valve has added a new bob animation, but most players seem to not like it and prefer the initial CS2 bob over the new one. Luckily, the bob setting can be reverted.

How to Disable New Bob in CS2

To disable CS2's new bob animation, you will first need to enable the developer console. If you have yet to do so, read this article.

Once your developer console is enabled, click the ~ button on your keyboard to open the console. Then, simply type cl_usenewbob 0 or cl_usenewbob false to revert the bob animation back to what it was before the new update. It's not perfect, but it's definitely better than the alternative.