Most Expensive CS2 Skins - AWP Dragon Lore

Most Expensive CS2 Skins - AWP Dragon Lore

Whether you have played 1 or 10,000 hours of Counter-Strike 2, there is a good chance you have at least heard of the AWP Dragon Lore at some point. The skin is arguably the most iconic weapon skin in any video game, thanks to its beautiful artwork and insane price.

The Story of the AWP Dragon Lore

The AWP Dragon Lore was first added to Counter-Strike on July 1, 2014, during Operation Breakout, the same operation that introduced the iconic Butterfly Knife. The Dragon Lore was added to Counter-Strike: Global Offensive as the Covert(red) skin in the Cobblestone Collection. The skin gained popularity immediately thanks to its incredible artwork, and before long it became one of CS:GO's most popular weapons. Today, almost 10 years after the initial release of the AWP Dragon Lore, the skin remains the most iconic and one of the most expensive to touch the game.

How Much Does the AWP Dragon Lore Cost?

Here are the current listing prices for the AWP Dragon Lore in all conditions. Brace yourself...

Factory New: $10,513

Minimal Wear: $8,234

Field Tested: $5,655

Well Worn: $5,012

Battle Scarred: $3,290

Thought that these prices were crazy? Just wait until you hear about the Souvenir version costs...

Souvenir Factory New: $491,391 (This is the cheapest of just 7 listings for the skin. However, it is likely not worth quite this much)

Souvenir Minimal Wear: $189,537

Souvenir Field Tested: $54,599

Souvenir Well Worn: No Listings or Recent Sales

Souvenir Battle Scarred: $32,291

Why is the AWP Dragon Lore so Expensive?

What makes the AWP Dragon Lore so expensive? Well, there are a lot of factors involved in making the price of this skin so high. However, the most obvious reason for the price is its rarity. The odds of unboxing an AWP Dragon Lore from a Cobblestone Souvenir Package are just 0.0256% (1 in 3906), making the skin practically impossible to obtain. With the current cheapest listing for a Cobblestone Souvenir Package on BitSkins being $1,265, it would cost you around $4,941,090 on average to unbox an AWP Dragon Lore.

How Many AWP Dragon Lores Are There?

According to our current records, there are just 5,584 AWP Dragon Lores in existence. To put that into perspective, there are about 9 million P250 Sand Dunes in existence. Out of the 5,584, 1,994 of them are Factory New, and just 17 are Souvenir Factory New, making it one of the rarest skins in CS2.