New CS2 Case: The Kilowatt Case!

New CS2 Case: The Kilowatt Case!

With the first major update added to Counter-Strike for the new 2024 year, we have the new ability to create new interesting 5x crafts and even create custom sticker placement crafts and the new addition of the new CS2 Kilowatt Case! In this article, we are going to go through everything important in the new CS2 case, with all the new skins inside!

The Kukri Knife

The new CS2 Case brings us a new start with a fantastic new knife! The Kukri Knife!n Not only did it bring us a new knife but also a new animation. The Kukri knife is a type of machete used by hunters while hunting, a multi-use tool that can be used for anything in its path!

AWP | Chrome Cannon

Starting with the covert tier AWP | Chrome Cannon, straight from the Kilowatt Case. This new style of mirror coat paint makes it super effective in the game and this AWP is finished with multicolored accents and a carbon fiber scope, to give even more detail to what it already has.

AK-47 | Inheritance

The second cover tier skin from the Kilowatt Case, the AK-47 | Inheritance. The overall theme and inspiration of this rifle skin go back to traditional Chinese porcelain and Delft Blauw art, for example, these are famous for creating porcelain vases with the AK-47 skin where it has the most influence. Mainly being painted white and blue it can easily fit in any white-themed inventories.

M4A1-S | Black Lotus

In the first classified tier, we have the M4A1-S | Black Lotus, the continuation of the popular finish on the USP-S | Black Lotus, which was originally inspired by the Magic: The Gathering Card “Black Lotus''. The rifle skin has been custom-painted with the unique black lotus flower over a blue and purple base.

Zeus x27 | Olympus

Being the first Zeus skin in Counter-Strike history, the classified tier Zeus x27 | Olympus has a fun and interesting custom artwork of Zeus, which links perfectly with the weapon as it used to tase your opponents which creates and delivers a modulated electric current which is linked to Zeus as he was the god of thunder in ancient Greek mythology.

USP-S | Jawbreaker

The last of the classified tier skins, the USP-S | Jawbreaker is an amazing and detailed skin where it has been gloss painted and depicts a dog barking from the grip to the silencer with both covering the whole handle giving it a cool unique effect. Similar to the art style of the USP-S | Cortex, the silencer has been used to add a phrase, in this case, it reads "GOOD DOGGY", which comically addresses the custom-painted dog as being a “good dog” but we can see it seems quite dangerous.

M4A4 | Etch Lord

As our first restricted tier skin from the new CS2 Case, we have the M4A4 | Etch Lord. The overall art style is basic but detailed at the same time. For the basic, we can see it has dull colors such as black and grey, but for the detail, we can see, as the name of the skin suggests, it has been painted to appear as if it was etched into. And we can see that there has been a dragon that has been etched onto the rifle skin.

Glock-18 | Block-18

With more of a playful twist, the Glock-18 | Block-18 is a restricted-tier pistol skin from the new CS2 Case, the Kilowatt Case. With its play on words “Block-18,” it has a general theme with one of the toys we all used to play with back in the day, building bricks! It has been custom painted to section the weapon off into colored blocks, a simple but amazing design.

MP7 | Just Smile

Straight from the new CS2 Case, the Kilowatt Case, the MP7 | Just Smile is a dull blue and purple base skin that has been transformed by spray painting a yellow smiley face with the words “Just Smile” into a nice and fun finish.

Five-SeveN | Hybrid

Good for a purple-themed inventory, the Five-SeveN | Hybrid is a new restricted-tier pistol skin from the Kilowatt Case. The skin has a silver base and has been covered with custom-painted purple stripes to add more detail.

Sawed-Off | Analog Input

In the last restricted tier skin from the new case, the Kilowatt Case, we have the Sawed-Off | Analog Input. The shotgun skin has been custom painted with colorful diagonal bands of color with the letters “X, Y, B, and A” engraved onto it.

MAC-10 | Light Box

The first Mil-Spec tier skin is the MAC-10 | Light Box. With its futuristic “cyborg” theme, the textures are all metallic-like with geometrical shapes on the body of the SMG skin.

XM1014 | Irezumi

The XM1014 | Irezumi is a fantastic shotgun skin straight from the new CS2 case, the Kilowatt Case. It is a Mil-Spec tier shotgun skin with a gold-colored base where a very detailed Japanese-style tattoo snake has been drawn over it.

Nova | Dark Sigil

Another Mil-Spec tier shotgun, we have the Nova | Dark Sigil which is a Viking-themed skin with the shotgun handguard and the recoil pad in a wood finish and the body in a dark gray matte with hand drawings of Viking norse patterned dragons.

SSG 08 | Dezastre

Released from the new CS2 Case, the SSG 08 | Dezastre is a super minimal Mil-Spec tier sniper rifle skin. With its geometric high-tech black, white, and red design.

Tec-9 | Slag

The Mil-Spec tier Tec-9 | Slag is a new skin from the Kilowatt Case. Its design was made to seem like a handmade pistol from the grip to the welding on the receiver.

Dual Berettas | Hideout

Another Mil-Spec tier pistol skin from the new CS2 Case, the Kilowatt Case, we have the Dual Berettas | Hideout. The pistol skin has been custom painted with a random pattern multicolored design.

UMP-45 | Motorized

The highly detailed UMP-45 | Motorized is a Mil-Spec tier SMG skin from the new Kilowatt Case. True to its name the main theme of the skin is replicating to perfection a motor, with its custom paint job that resembles a combustion engine, which has been remade to be used as a weapon in the game, with large amounts of detail!