Top 10 Cheap FAMAS Skins

Top 10 Cheap FAMAS Skins

By: Poopcie

In today’s article, we continue our ongoing series of finding the top-rated cheap skins for all weapons in CS2, and today we focus on the FAMAS. Although the gun might be subpar in the game, the skins in this list are definitely not, especially when you consider the prices offered right here on!

FAMAS | Mecha Industries

To start this list, we have the Mecha Industries - a skin line that transcends beyond the FAMAS and also stars in weapons such as the Deagle. This skin features a clean white and black background with red accents. This combination of the Mecha Industries art style and the body of the FAMAS makes it look like a railgun straight from the future. While this weapon would cost you $3.91 on the Steam Community Market for a Field-Tested Condition, the current price found on BitSkins is only $2.45!

FAMAS | Valence

Next, we have a similarly futuristic-looking skin: the FAMAS | Valence. This skin has a black/gray background, but the highlight of this skin is its clean red accent lines, almost similar to lines found on the suit of Spiderman! I suppose you can call this a budget AK redline, because of how easy it is to craft with any red stickers (Faze/Heroic enjoyers?). Unlike the AK redline, however, this skin only costs $2.31 on the Steam Community Market in Field-Tested Condition, or save 40% by purchasing through BitSkins!

FAMAS | Survivor Z

Of course, the FAMAS isn’t most people’s favorite gun, but if you have just 17 cents to spare, why not pick yourself up a FAMAS | Survivor Z. This skin depicts a gun scratched up during a zombie outbreak, with a claw mark on the side of its body and a ton of scratched off paint. If you enjoy a red zombie outbreak-themed weapon, this bloodied-up skin might just be for you, especially considering it’s only $0.17 in Field-Tested Condition.

FAMAS | Styx

If you thought that last skin was chilling, take a look at the FAMAS | Styx. If you are familiar with Greek Mythology, you would know the river Styx – the river the deceased would have to cross to enter the afterlife. This skin takes on an interpretation of that, featuring a flood of skulls floating across a river of blood and bones. If you are a fan of this disturbing piece of artwork, the Steam Community Market asks for $2.76 in the Field-Tested Condition.

FAMAS | Rapid Eye Movements

As the name suggests, FAMAS | Rapid Eye Movements consists of over 30 eyes just staring at you, and probably even more if you look closer enough. The color palette of this skin consists of purple to red colors, and in the middle features an object looking almost like a static electricity ball. If you dig this more peculiar design, it will cost only $1.61 on the Steam Community Market in Field-Tested Condition, but of course, you can save 14% using BitSkins right now!

FAMAS | Eye of Athena

The Eye of Athena features an extremely unique design, and may just be the best skin in this list if you prioritize artwork. Another reference to Greek mythology, Athena was depicted as an owl, and in this skin, the whole body is overlaid with a beautiful and intricate pattern of brightly colored feathers. By using BitSkins, you can buy this skin for only $2.91 in the Field-Tested Condition, a 22% discount compared to the Steam Community Market.

FAMAS | Roll Cage

This skin is highlighted for its extremely unique design, featuring a muddy off-road car race scene. The body of the skin highlights what used to be the clean white and flashy red colors of a race car, but are now overlayed with mud and tire skid marks. Consider purchasing this not only for its cool design, but its price of only $3.16 for a Field-Tested Condition on the Steam Community Market, or only $1.99 on!

FAMAS | Pulse

If you enjoy a more simple aesthetic, consider purchasing FAMAS | Pulse. This skin features a purple-pink gradient-colored glass pane shattering over a black background, creating a unique and very clean-looking geometric design. This skin will be on the expensive side however, being $7.25 in the Field-Tested Conditions on the Steam Community Market, but you can cut the price down to just $4.92 by purchasing through BitSkins!

FAMAS | ZX Spectron

Returning to the futuristic look, this skin fits into that feel perfectly. With a clean black background with red overlays all over the mag and body similar to the USP-S Cyrex, and a colorful addition of red, yellow, green, and baby blue striped vertically over the weapon to give it that extra pop. You wouldn’t think that skin this good would only go for $1.63 in the Field-Tested Condition on the Steam Community Market, but of course, there are still somehow cheaper prices found on BitSkins.

FAMAS | Meow 36

Ending off on a humorous note, we have the FAMAS | Meow 36. In a skin depicting a radioactive wasteland of green sludge, you just simply have the words MEOW on the top handle of the weapon and a happy cat logo. Quite a unique design choice. But if you happen to like it, it only goes for $0.40 for a Factory-New Condition on the Steam Community Market or only $0.08 for a Field-Tested Condition also found on Steam.