Why You Shouldn't Open Cases in CS2

Why You Shouldn't Open Cases in CS2

Cases in CS2 are a very touchy subject. While many would argue that cases are necessary to create the skin economy(skins can only come to existence from cases, and the price of skins dictates the price of a case), it is impossible to deny that they have also created quite the problem.

However, we have a solution. Let's leave the case open to the rich people and content creators who can afford to do it. If you are opening cases intending to get profit, then STOP. Cases are built for you to lose money, so unless you have a significant amount of disposable income, opening cases is as stupid as throwing your money into a fire. However, we know that this simple statement won't be enough to convince you to not open CS2 cases, so here are a few reasons to stop opening CS2 cases.

The Odds Are Against You

Just like every form of gambling, the odds are against you when it comes to CS2 cases. Not a single case has a return on investment rate higher than 82%, and the highest chance to profit on a case is currently 15%. In other words, when you open cases, you are GUARANTEED TO LOSE! You simply can't beat the system. Nobody has done it, and nobody will.

For a more in-depth explanation of CS2 case odds, read here.

It's a Gateway to Gambling Addiction

CS2 cases are like a gateway drug: it doesn't feel like gambling at first, and by the time you realize that it is, you are already addicted. Then, before long, you are gambling in other ways, and falling down a spiral of addiction.

For a better look into how CS2 cases can cause you to develop a gambling addiction, and possibly even ruin your life, check out this thread.

You Can Get Skins For Cheaper and Easier

If you are opening cases intending to get skins, you are making a massive mistake that can lose you a lot of money. As we mentioned earlier, the odds of getting a skin worth more than what you spent opening the case is very low, so it is much easier to just buy the skin you want on a marketplace like BitSkins, where you can find skins for way cheaper than it would cost you to unbox them or buy them on Steam.

Social Gambling is Still Gambling

One of the most common excuses that people make when it comes to CS2 cases and all forms of gambling is the "social gambling" excuse. People argue that since they only open cases on a Discord call or in-game with friends, it's not an addiction but something they do for fun with friends. Though it may seem like this for some time, soon enough you will start opening cases alone and spiraling down the pit of addiction. There are way better things to do with friends than opening cases and gambling.


If you already do it, stop now before it's too late. Cut your losses and stop chasing them, because you are only going to lose the race

If you haven't started, don't even do it once. It's not worth it.