Will CS:GO Skins Transfer to CS2?

Will CS:GO Skins Transfer to CS2?

With CS2 very close to a public release, a lot of people are worried about whether their CS:GO skins will transfer to CS2. No need to fear!

All CS:GO weapon skins, knives, gloves, stickers (both applied and unapplied), agents, music kits, and nametags are automatically loaded into your inventory before you even launch the game for the first time.

CS2 Inventory

Along with this, all skins have the same floats and patterns they had before so they should look almost identical in terms of pattern and wear. Most importantly, a lot of skins look a lot better in CS2 than they did in CS:GO thanks to the new Source 2 lighting and reworks of individual skins’ appearance.

Skins that Look Better in CS2 vs. CSGO