Best Engraved CS2 Skins

Best Engraved CS2 Skins

CS2 skins have reached such depth that we can categorize them into different genres, from color sorting to style. However, while some genres may be more obvious, like green skins or simple skins, some may be more obscure. In this article, we are looking at a more obscure genre by exploring the best etched/engraved CS2 skins. Without further adieu, let's dive in!

AK-47 | Cartel

To start this list of the best engraved CS2 skins, we have the iconic AK-47 | Cartel, one of the first CS2 skins with an etched design. The skin features an engraved Latin American design with skeletons, flowers, and serpents etched into the metal of a simple stock AK-47. Even better than the unique design of the skin is the price you can purchase it for on BitSkins, where the AK-47 | Cartel sells for discounts up to 30% cheaper than the Steam Community Market.

AK-47 | Steel Delta

We are going back to back with AK-47s today, because next up on the list is the AK-47 | Steel Delta. This is the second newest AK-47 in the game, having been released in the Anubis Collection Package, and it has a super unique design! The skin was intended to resemble the engraved grooves of a topographical map, and we think it's fair to say that the artist did a perfect job of doing so!

AWP | Exoskeleton

There were a few options for the best engraved AWP skins in CS2, but we felt that the classic Exoskeleton was the best option. The entire skins features an engraved design, from the barrel to the scope, and it all centers around an engraved skin directly above the AWP's magazine. Plus, the skin is one of the best cheap AWP skins in CS2, and you can buy it up to 30% cheaper than Steam when you buy it on BitSkins.

M4A1-S | Basilisk

Unlike some of the other skins on this list, the M4A1-S Basilisk was by far the most obvious choice for the best engraved M4 skin. The skin has been around for nearly 10 years, making it one of the oldest engraved skins in CS2, and its unique etched basilisk design is one of the coolest and most revolutionary artwork designs on a CS2 skin.

M4A4 | Royal Paladin

If you prefer the M4A4 over the M4A1-S, then we have the perfect skin for you. The Royal Paladin of the Revolver Case features one of the most detailed etched designs visible on any CS2 skin. The gold body features thousands of miniature details, and even the mag has an engraved design! Best of all, even though this skin is a Covert(Red), it is still relatively affordable, especially when you purchase it on BitSkins.

Desert Eagle | Corinthian

There were a few options for the best etched/engraved Desert Eagle skins, and while the Naga came in close second, we had to give the win to the Corinthian. The skin features an etched bronze design matching the royal design of its Royal Paladin brother from the Revolver Case. Plus, the skin is one of the cheapest Desert Eagle skins in CS2, so if you are looking for budget options, this is the way to go.

Glock-18 | Ironwork

To end off the list, we have an absolute banger glock that is both super affordable and unique! The skin features a black base with a black and gray engraved slide featuring branches with thorns and leaves. The skin was featured on our list of the best cheap glock skins in CS2, and sells for as cheap as $0.09 on BitSkins, which is 36% cheaper than the lowest price on the Steam Community Market