Best Simple CS2 Skins

Best Simple CS2 Skins

In a world of chaotic, busy, and colorful CS2 skins, it is often refreshing to see a simple yet attractive skin that makes a weapon look cool without relying on a ton of complicated designs or varying color schemes. With this article, we want to highlight the best simple CS2 skins for your inventory.

AK-47 | Slate

Alongside the Whiteout skins, the AK-47 | Slate is the most simple CS2 skin of all. The skin, which was recently featured in our Top-Rated Black Skins in CS2 article, features a completely black design, with no added details or hidden features; nothing but a solid, shiny black coat of paint.

AUG | Carved Jade

While this next skin is not completely one color, as certain aspects of the weapon are black for realistic purposes, the majority of the skin is covered in a beautiful emerald green coat of paint that is sure to dazzle both your teammates and opponents. Plus, you can dazzle them even more when you tell them that you bought the skin from for 20% cheaper than the Steam Community Market Price!

SCAR-20 | Emerald

With a very similar finish to the Carved Jade, the SCAR-20 emerald may just be one of the best green skins in CS2! The auto sniper features a completely emerald green finish, looks incredible in good lighting, and is currently listed on BitSkins for huge discounts of up to 18%!

PP-Bizon | Candy Apple

Looking for a budget-friendly skin that happens to be one of the best red skins in CS2? Well, look no further than this iconic PP-Bizon skin with a completely solid red finish that provides a calming vibe among the hundreds of chaotic CS2 skins out there. Best of all, you can find the PP-Bizon | Candy Apple on BitSkins for as much as 44% cheaper than the Steam Community Market!

M4A1-S | Blue Phosphor

This next skin was also featured in a previous article: Best Blue Skins in CS2, and for good reason! Though expensive, the Blue Phosphor is definitely worth the price, with a solid blue finish unmatched by any other skin in the game. The only thing that beats the appearance of this sapphire-like M4A1-S is its price on BitSkins, which is a whopping 26% cheaper than Steam!

MP9 | Hot Rod

Although we could have included the M4A1-S | Hot Rod, which was featured in our Best Red Skins in CS2 article, we opted to go for its SMG counterpart, which is both much cheaper and equally attractive. The skin features a completely red design with a few textured aspects, and you can currently find it on BitSkins for 27% cheaper than Steam!

P250 | Whiteout

Finishing off the list is the iconic, simplistic, and flawless P250 | Whiteout, which features nothing but a completely white design. The whiteout finish is available on two other weapons alongside the P250: the MP7 and the USP-S(which was featured in our Top-Rated White Skins in CS2 article), and you can find it on BitSkins for a discount of over 20%!