CS Skins With Historical Context: Knives Edition - Part 2

CS Skins With Historical Context: Knives Edition - Part 2

Knives! The simple but effective most wanted item in Counter-Strike, they were added in August of 2013 during the Arms Deal update as new players experienced a new face of Counter-Strike with new custom knives with new animations. Here is part 2 of some fantastic knives with interesting historical context that might just make you stop a minute and think about the amazing history behind them!

M9 Bayonet

Extremely similar to the Bayonet, the M9 Bayonet is just more bulky. A bayonet is a knife attached to a firearm for use as a thrusting weapon. The M9 bayonet is a specific model used with the M16 rifle in the U.S. military, featuring a clip-point blade and multi-purpose design. You can buy the M9 Bayonet on BitSkins for $1,118.29, which is 32% cheaper compared to Steam’s $1,638.40 price tag.

The Navaja is a Spanish knife even in pre-Roman times and was the earliest Spanish knife in history. They were made during the 1600s. It is a traditional folding-blade fighting and utility knife. Best of all you can buy the Navaja Knife on BitSkins for $128, which is 27% cheaper than Steam.

Nomad Knife

The Nomad Knife is a replica of the “Strider series” of knives, but the exact model that looks identical to the Nomad Knife we know and love is the “Strider B46”. Fun Fact: the Strider knives are used in military issues in the USMC Unit. Why not pretend you are in the USMC Military Unit and buy the Nomad Knife on BitSkins for $465.51, instead of paying $600 on Steam?

Paracord Knife

Same story with the Nomad Knife, the Paracord Knife is based on a real-life version which is called the “Linton Seal Tactical L-90008B”, which is an actual knife that the Navy Seals use as their service knife, which is perfectly designed to have better aerodynamics in water which makes it faster underwater. On Steam, the Paracord Knife is $242.42, but instead, you should buy it on BitSkins where it is 19% cheaper at the price of $195.86.

Shadow Daggers

The Shadow Daggers, or called the “Push Daggers” in real life, were invented in the 19th Century in the Southern United States. It is a short-bladed dagger with a "T" handle which is designed to be grasped and held in a closed-fist hand so that the blade protrudes from the front of the fist, kind of like brass knuckles. The price, On BitSkins, for the Shadow Daggers is $141.90 which is 25% cheaper than on Steam.

Skeleton Knife

The Skeleton Knife is mainly based on the “Throwing knives' ', which a knives that are specially designed and weighted so that they can be thrown effectively, they were invented in Central Sudan around 1000 AD. To be specific, the Skeleton Knife has been influenced by the “Renegade Tactical Steel G4 Stryker”, which is a type of throwing knife that has a ring to grip and throw the knife more accurately.

Stiletto Knife

The Stiletto, invented in the 15th Century, is an Italian dagger with a long slender blade and needle-like point, primarily intended as a thrusting and stabbing weapon. You can buy the Stiletto Knife for $361.24 on BitSkins instead of paying $510 on Steam, which is a 29% discount.

Survival Knife

The Survival Knife is based on the “WEYLAND Survival Knife”. The first survival knife was created in the 19th century for use as a wood saw or a fish scaler. Similar to the Gut Knife, it is multi-use with its shape of the blade with bent surfaces to hook and cut items easier, the hole in the middle of the body of the knife is made on purpose to decrease the amount of weight. You can buy the Survival Knife for $197.10 on BitSkins, which is 24% cheaper compared to Steam.

Talon Knife

The “KIASLORE Tiger Claw” is the real-life equivalent to the Talon Knife we have in Counter-Strike. Similar to the Karambit, the Talon Knife is more multi-purpose with its ridges at the top. The Talon Knife, or known as the "Claw knife" dates back to the 11th century. However, the modern variation known as the karambit originated around the 1960s. This knife became famous in the 70s and 80s when many martial arts enthusiasts used it. At the price of $499.99 on BitSkins, instead of paying $683 on Steam.

Ursus Knife

The Counter-Strike Ursus Knife is based on the “Japanese Tantō blade”, it was produced during the “Heian period” (from 794 to 1185). The Tantō or “short sword” was used by the samurai class of feudal Japan. You can buy the Ursus Knife on BitSkins for $281.52, instead of paying a bigger price of $379.50 on Steam.