CS2 Skins With Historical Context: Knife Edition #1

CS2 Skins With Historical Context: Knife Edition #1

Knives! The simple but effective most wanted item in Counter-Strike, they were added in August of 2013 during the Arms Deal update as new players experienced a new face of Counter-Strike with new custom knives with new animations. Here are some fantastic knives with interesting historical context that might just make you stop a minute and think about the amazing history behind them!


The first bayonets were invented way back in the 1660s and used as a companion to the soldier's rifle. It was designed to fit on the end of the muzzle of a rifle, carbine, or musket, which allowed the soldier to use it as a spear-like weapon. With historical context, the Bayonet was majorly used in the First and Second World Wars, as well The ring on the guard of this Bayonet is designed to go through the barrel of the rifle and fit perfectly underneath, which removes the common issue of the Bayonet rattling. The Bayonet came in different shapes and sizes but the one used in Counter-Strike is the replica of the “M9 USMC Buck”, which is 12 Inches long. You can purchase the Bayonet on BitSkins for $800, which is cheaper than Steam’s price tag of $832.14.

Bowie Knife

Invented in 1830 by Rezin Bowie, the Bowie Knife is a pattern fixed blade that was created to give to his brother in the large knife duel known as the “Sandbar Fight”, which was a formal one-on-one duel that erupted into a violent brawl. To this day it is still used and popular for hunters and trappers as well as used for combat in some parts of the world. Best of all, you can buy the Bowie Knife for $160.98 on BitSkins, which is 28% cheaper compared to $223.52 on Steam.

Butterfly Knife

The Butterfly Knife, also known as the “Balisong'', was mass-produced in the 1900s in the Philippines. It is a type of folding pocket knife, its features are two handles that are counter-rotating around the tang such that, when closed, the blade is concealed within the handles, as a result, many countries have decided to ban or outlaw the Butterfly Knife due to its impressive concealment. On Steam the price of the Butterfly Knife is $2,002.79, which is 13% more expensive than on BitSkins which is a lower price of $1,750.

Classic Knife

Released from the celebration of Counter-Strike’s 20-year saga, the CS20 Case brought the Classic Knife. It wasn't the first time we have seen this knife it was the very knife that was introduced in Counter-Strike 1.6, then ported to Counter-Strike Source and then into Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, and now in Counter-Strike 2. Did you know that the Classic Knife was based on the inspiration of the Badlands Bowie Knife designed by Mick Strider? On BitSkins, you can buy the Classic Knife at the price of $316.72, which is 25% cheaper compared to Steam’s price tag of $419.95.

Falchion Knife

The Falchion Knife, released in 2015 by The Falchion Case, is a linear lock design knife, a linear lock is a common folding knife mechanism featuring a thin metal liner inside one handle scale. When the knife is open, the liner engages with the blade's tang, securely holding it in place. To close the knife, the user applies pressure to the liner, releasing it from the tang and allowing the blade to fold back into the handle. You can buy the Falchion Knife on BitSkins for 26% cheaper, at the price of $178.63, compared to Steam’s price of $241.50.

Flip Knife

The flip knife also called the pocket knife or the folding knife, was invented as early as 500 to 600 BC and was found in Austria. The Flip Knife folds into the handle, similar to the Falchion Knife, and is discreetly hidden. In Today's world, the flip knife is mostly used as a self-defense type knife or a perfect variation of pocket knife multitool which is used mainly for the wilderness and camping. Buying the Flip Knife on BitSkins grants you a 28% discount at the price of $387.17 instead of paying $534.42 on Steam.

Gut Knife

The Gut Knife in Counter-Strike resembles the "Buck Knives Alpha Hunter Model 193 with Gut Hook" perfectly. The most notable feature of a gut knife is the gut hook on the spine of the blade, which is mainly used very effectively for cutting through fibrous materials such as rope or webbing. Even better than the knife itself is the price, at $139.40 on BitSkins which is 18% cheaper compared to Steam’s price.

Huntsman Knife

Same with the Gut Knife, the creation of the Huntsman Knife was due to the inspiration of a real-life knife and Counter-Strike decided to create a 1:1 replica to put it in the game, in this case, for the Huntsman Knife it is the “MX-8054”, which is a fixed blade tactical knife. Mainly used as a hunting knife for being able to do different tasks with the simplicity of one blade, it has an incredible price tag of $265 on BitSkins, which is 35% cheaper compared to Steam’s price of $407.97.


The Karambit was invented in the 11th Century by the Minangkabau people which is located in the West region of Indonesia. The unique curved blade is made for mimicking a tiger's claw and the knife is typically used with a reverse grip with the finger ring on the index finger. European documents say that Indonesian soldiers were equipped with the “kris” weapon at the waist or back and carried spears in their hands, while the karambit was used as a last resort when the fighter's other weapons were lost in battle. The famous Bugis warriors of Sulawesi are famous for their adherence to the Karambit. You can purchase the Karambit on BitSkins for $1,300, which is 18% cheaper compared to Steam Market’s pricing of $1,582.29.