CS Skins with Historical Context: Pistol Edition

CS Skins with Historical Context: Pistol Edition

By UnDeadItalian

Pistols are a crucial utility when it comes to Counter-Strike. We all start with them and use them to our advantage when needed, so here are some fantastic pistol skins with interesting historical context that might just make you stop a minute and think about the amazing history behind them!

CZ75-Auto | Xiangliu

Let's start by diving into ancient Chinese mythology, the CZ75 Xiangliu is a classified tier pistol skin released when the spectrum case came out in 2017. Xiangliu is a mythical creature in ancient Chinese mythology, where it is often depicted as a nine-headed snake, and the artist has perfectly outlined this mythology and given amazing historical context by imprinting the snake along the body of the pistol, with shiny scales across it to give a more detailed and shiny look. The handle of the CZ75 Xiangliu has 3D effects which makes the pistol more alive with more snakes and employment. Both in the magazine and handle there are many examples of “Xiangyun” which are traditional Chinese stylized cloud decorative patterns that all together secure the ancient Chinese mythology look! If you want to pick up this skin for your pink or purple-themed inventory, you can find a StatTrak Factory New version on BitSkins for $22.82 rather than paying $34.44 on Steam.

Desert Eagle | Emerald Jörmungandr

The Desert Eagle | Emerald Jörmungandr is a restricted-tier desert eagle skin from the Norse collection released during Operation Shattered Web. Jörmungandr plays an important role in Norse mythology, as it is an important symbol of chaos and order in the role of Ragnarök and cosmic symbolism, where the world serpent, Jörmungandr symbolizes the interconnectedness and cyclical nature of life. The skin has a shiny surface that reflects every single detail and gives historical context to the mythology through the use of the marvelous serpent with “borre” patterns all across the snake skin which is a very typical Norse pattern. Not only the Jörmungandr being a killer, but you can find a killer deal on BitSkins where you can buy the Desert Eagle | Emerald Jörmungandr for $251.30, a 35% discount compared to Steam’s price of $387.66.

Glock-18 | Umbral Rabbit

The Glock-18 | Umbral Rabbit, which is the newest skin on this list, is a restricted tier pistol skin released in 2023 when the Revolution case came out and at the same time to celebrate Chinese New Year in 2023, In this case, it was the Year of the Rabbit in Chinese zodiac tradition where it general attributes are associated such as: gentleness, tactful and diplomatic, intelligent, cautious and artistic. The skin itself is extremely detailed with aspects of the pinpoint precision of the architecture and historical context of the typical Chinese temples which are called “Pagodas” as well as the main image of the Glock is the rabbit. Behind the rabbit, we can see the infamous Huangshan mountain range and on the handle with even more detail, we can see peonies across the handle with another very detailed Pagoda. In this skin, we can appreciate the little details that sum up the beauty of this skin and the meaning behind it to celebrating Chinese New Year and the year of the rabbit. Best of all, you can buy it in Field Tested Condition from BitSkins for just $0.26, a 35% discount compared to Steam’s price of $0.40!

P2000 | Imperial Dragon

The P2000 | Imperial Dragon is a classified tier pistol skin released in 2016 when the Gamma case came out and released the new Gamma knife finishes that we all love today. The Imperial Dragon is an ancient Chinese symbol to showcase: being potent and having auspicious powers. The Imperial Dragon is mainly associated with the Emperor of China and is used as a symbol to represent imperial power. The skin itself has a gradient that starts from the left being a bright shiny metallic surface transforming into a dark duller colour. Being the main attraction of the skin, the Imperial Dragon completely covers the whole P2000 with its majestic body and face, drawn as well as giving historical context to mimic the traditional way of drawing this powerful beast. What makes the skin even better is the discount of up to 29% compared to Steam, which you can get when buying a P2000 | Imperial Dragon BitSkins.

P250 | Mehndi

The P250 Mehndi, which is the oldest skin on this list, is a classified tier pistol skin released in 2013 when the Winter Offensive Weapon Case came out. Mehndi is an Indian traditional and cultural practice of creating temporary “henna” tattoos, especially as part of a bride or groom's preparations for a traditional wedding. The skin is divided into two main colors: brown and black, which are the main colors used to create with historical context the infamous henna tattoos, both palettes have simple but fascinating and unique patterns that the henne has as well. The best thing yet is buying this detailed skin at a whopping 38% cheaper compared to Steam on BitSkins.

Tec-9 | Jambiya

The Tec-9 Jambiya is a Mil-Spec pistol tier skin released in 2016 when the Wildfire Case came out during Operation Wildfire. The Jambiya, also known as the "shibriyeh" is a type of dagger with a short curved blade and a medial ridge that originated in the outskirts of Yemen, which the dagger has spread to countries in the Middle East, South and Southeast Asia and the Arab world. The handle, "saifani hilt" is made of rhinoceros horn and can cost up to $1500 per kilogram. The Tec-9 skin at the top following the barrel has the same metallic pattern you would find on the dagger itself as the creator wanted to give historical context to the skin and wanted to keep it as close to the real one as possible. The magazine and handle both have the rhinoceros horn following the shape of the pistol. Unlike the expensive cost of the rhinoceros horn, you can easily buy this skin for only 0.31$, which is 29% cheaper than Steam.