CS2 Skins with Historical Context: Rifle Edition

CS2 Skins with Historical Context: Rifle Edition

By UnDeadItalian

Rifles, both assault and sniper, are the most used in Counter-Strike, being the most accurate and having the most famous skins in Counter-Strike history. Here are some fantastic skins with interesting historical context that might make you stop a minute and think about the amazing history behind them!

AWP | Wildfire

The AWP | Wildfire released in 2019 with the CS20 Case, is a covert AWP skin. On the skin itself, we can see the drawing of a Phoenix. The phoenix, in Greek mythology, is an immortal bird that regenerates every time it passes away. A phoenix obtains new life by rising from the ashes of its predecessor, the bird symbolizes immortality, resurrection, and life after death. The skin itself is beautiful with the same type and style of position as the dragon lore with the Phoenix's head starting at the body under the scope and finishing at the stock of the sniper rifle. The bird itself is drawn in large amounts of detail. If you are looking for a perfect red AWP for your inventory then you can get the AWP | Wildfire on BitSkins for $61.23, which is a 38% discount compared to Steam's $97.98 price tag.

AWP | Oni Taiji

Back in 2017, Operation Hydra brought a fan-favorite AWP skin in the Operation Hydra Case, the one and only AWP | Oni Taiji, released in 2017 at the covert tier. The word "Oni Taiji" means different things. Oni in Japanese folklore is a demon or troll who is believed to live in caves or deep inside the mountains. Oni is symbolized as good luck and ward off bad ones, the Oni Mask is a powerful symbol of Japan's rich culture and history, legend says the mask is said to give the wearer immense power and protect them from harm and danger. Taiji on the other hand is a philosophy that connects the infamous Yin and Yang. The AWP | Oni Taiji is extremely detailed in every part of the rifle. The body showcases a warrior ready to fight the Oni to the right of the rifle. It showcases him holding a samurai sword and wearing typical Japanese "kimono" clothing. The Oni on the other hand has the Oni face look as well as fire all around him to simulate destruction created in his path. Even better the skin itself is getting an amazing 39% discount if you buy the AWP | Oni Taiji on BitSkins for the price of $908.80 instead of $1,488.44 on Steam.

AWP | Medusa

A popular favorite skin, the AWP | Medusa released in 2015 in The Gods and Monsters Collection, it is a covert tier AWP skin. The Medusa is well known in Greek mythology, also known as Gorgo. Medusa is generally described as a female with living venomous snakes instead of having hair and those who gazed into her eyes would turn into stone. She symbolized an image of evil to repel evil. The AWP skin is well designed with the amazing facial features of Medusa with the snakes even if small you can still see the incredible detail of the scales on each one of them. Perseus, a demigod, is the one who killed Medusa by chopping off her head in which he displays one hand. But do you know what else is also chopped off? The price of the AWP | Medusa if you buy it on BitSkins for $2,665 instead of $3,445.77 on Steam!

Galil AR | Cerberus

Released in 2014, the Galil AR | Cerberus was a part of The Cache Collection and is a restricted-tier rifle skin. In Greek mythology, the Cerberus also named "The Hound of Hades" is a multi-headed dog, mainly with 3 heads, that guards the gates of the Underworld to prevent any of the dead from leaving. Instead of being red as the symbol of hell, the skin wants to take a "toxic color scheme" to fit the Cache map as much as possible. We can see this with many different radioactive symbols across the gun. On the main body of the Galil AR, we can see the 3 heads of the Cerberus, all very detailed with sharp teeth to present danger and the sense of growling to ensure enemies or the dead stay off their territory. But don't worry it won't bite, especially if you buy the Galil AR | Cerberus on BitSkins and get a 34% discount at the price of $10 instead of paying $15.04 on the Steam Community Market.

G3SG1 | Chronos

Another skin from The Gods and Monsters Collection, The G3SG1 | Chronos is a restricted Sniper Rifle skin. Chronos is the personification of time in philosophy. The symbol of Chronos is either a scythe or a zodiac wheel to imply the change in time. We can see on the scope, handle, stock, and barrel of the G3SG1 a blue-themed pattern of cogs, clocks, and machinery to give off the theme of time. Speaking of time, make sure you don't run out of time to get amazing offers on the G3SG1 | Chronos on BitSkins.