CS2 Slang Explained: What is ADR/KDA/Frag?

CS2 Slang Explained: What is ADR/KDA/Frag?

Since the franchise's creation more than 23 years ago, Counter-Strike has developed an intricate language of slang and phrases that are vital to streamlining communication within your team. However, will many new players entering the Counter-Strike franchise due to the long-awaited release of Counter-Strike 2, many players have been left confused by some of the language that experienced players use to make communication more efficient. But don't fear, because we have crafted the perfect guide for CS2 slang.

CS2 Abbreviations

ADR - Average Damage Per Round

KDA - Kills, Deaths, Assists

GL - Good Luck

HF - Have Fun

GG - Good Game

WP - Well Played

GZ - Congrats

NT - Nice Try

AFK - Away From Keyboard

T - Terrorist

T Side - Terrorist Side

CT - Counter Terrorist

CT Side - Counter Terrorist Side

TK - Team Kill

HP - Health Points

MVP - Most Valuable Player

GH - Good Half

CS2 Roles

AWPer – a player who specializes in using an AWP

Entry fragger – a player who leads every rush and tries to get the first kill of the round or sacrifice themselves to give info to their teammates

Lurker – a player who hangs back while the rest of the team rushes to avoid any flanking enemies

Rifler – a player who specializes in using assault rifles like the AK-47 or M4A4.

IGL – a player who gives callouts and instructions to their team during the game

Anchor – a player who holds a bomb site on CT Side and never leaves it unless the bomb is planted on the other site

CS2 Slang

One Tap - A one-shot kill delivered to the head of an opponent. When it is done with a Desert Eagle, it is called a One Deag or Jaun Deag

Pistol Round - The first round of each half where both teams only have pistols

Eco - A round where a team has very little money so they don't buy weapons, or buy cheap weapons, to save money for the next round

Half Buy - When a team makes a light investment into a round but does not commit as much as they would in a round where they had a better economy

Force Buy - When a team is struggling with its economy but still commits all of its money into one round with the goal of turning the tides back in its favor

Clutch - A situation where one teammate is left to single-handedly win a round

Ace - When one player single-handedly kills the entire enemy team in a round

Boost - When one player stands on another head in order to get a better view of their surroundings and a higher vantage point. It can also refer to when a bad player increases in ELO or rank by playing with better players who carry them to victory

Smurf - A good player playing in lower ranks against unevenly matched opponents

Frag - A kill

Dink - A headshot

Tag - A shot that connects with the enemy, regardless of how much damage it does

Wallbang - A shot that hits an opponent through a wall

Spray - The way the bullets go while a player holds down the trigger on their weapon

Retake - When CT players take back a bomb site and defuse the bomb after the Ts have taken it and planted

We hope that this guide has helped you to learn some of the many words in every experienced CS2 player's dictionary! Happy fragging!