Karambit | Marble Fade Fire n' Ice Patterns

Karambit | Marble Fade Fire n' Ice Patterns

The Karambit is arguably the staple knife of Counter-Strike. When you think CS skins for a lot of people the #1 skin is the Karambit. Karambits can range from the humble Urban Masked all the way up to the legendary #387 Case Hardened Blue Gem. Today I want to highlight one of the best types of Karambits: the Marlbe Fade Fire and Ice.

When it comes to Marble Fade, Fire and Ice patterns reign supreme. With stunning red and blue, one can stand over all the basic pattern peasants and display true glory with such a stunning clash of colors. How do you know if your Marble Fade is a Fire and Ice? This guide is made just for that! Without all this chat let's get right into it!

1st Max


Fire and Ice patterns are set up in maxes, unlike Case Hardened tiers. Commonly what makes a pattern more valuable is the amount of blue compared to red. This pattern is the most valuable out of all the other maxes by far.

2nd Max

16, 146, 241, 359, 393, 541, 602, 649, 688, 701

This tier of patterns has some stunning Karambits to offer. Featuring almost flawless max blue and red, these are no doubt close to the best one can get! These patterns can fetch thousands over market price!

3rd Max

152, 281, 292, 344, 628, 673, 743, 777, 792, 994

In this max, the Karambit Fire and Ice just looks stunning. Beautiful knives that match so many amazing gloves. This selection of patterns won’t cost as much as a 1st max but still sell for quite a lot!

4th Max

48, 126, 129, 332, 780, 787, 874, 908, 918, 923

4th Max is the last tier we will be showing in this guide. There are a total of 11 maxes but for the purpose of time, we will only highlight these 4. The 4 max’s are by far the best Fire and Ice on the market! Ranging in price from hundreds over the market, all the way up to tens of thousands above!

As you can see there are some truly amazing Karambit Fire and Ice patterns! When it comes to Marble Fades, Fire and Ice remain king! Next time you unbox a Karambit | Marble Fade make sure to check this guide and see if you got an amazing Fire and Ice! If you are looking to sell your Karambit or any other skins make sure to use BitSkins.com to find great prices!