Military-Themed CS2 Inventory: Rifles Edition

Military-Themed CS2 Inventory: Rifles Edition

When it comes to the first few Counter-Strike skins released to the game back in 2013, the main theme was military camos and dark colors to fit in the environment. But still, to this day Counter-Strike skin creators like to keep the tradition of these military-themed Counter-Strike skins. In this article, we are going to cover the best military-themed rifle skins in the game!


For the AK-47, the one that fits the military-themed Counter-Strike inventory has to be the AK-47 | Jungle Spray, released in 2013 in The Aztec Collection. This AK-47 skin is a perfect realistic camo that is used regularly when fighting in boreal locations, such as jungles, forests, and dark green biomes. It is completely covered with smooth camo when it is in good condition with a mix of yellow, bright and dark green, brown, and dark grey. Instead of paying $15 on Steam, you can easily pay only $10.36 on BitSkins and save up to 31%.


The AUG | Amber Slipstream, released in the Horizon Case in 2018 is a good skin that fits the military-themed Counter-Strike inventory. Depending on the pattern, the top of this AUG skin is completely covered in a smooth dark and light grey camo, with sometimes some stripes of orange, perfect for dark environments and urban warfare. You can buy the AUG | Amber Slipstream on BitSkins for only $0.11 which is a 21% discount compared to the Steam market.


Both with similar styles but different price points, the AWP | Snake Camo and AWP | Safari Mesh are really good options for the military-themed Counter-Strike inventory. Both have a desert-style camo with tan being their main color option. The AWP | Snake Camo has more detail when it comes to the camo, as the name suggests, with detailed snake scales-like camo with dark and light tan color accents across the skin, on the other hand, the AWP | Safari Mesh has basic net pattern shades of dark olive green and light tan across the rifle. If you have a bigger budget you can buy the AWP | Snake Camo on BitSkins for $69.91 instead of paying $94.02 which gives you a sweet 26% discount. If you are looking for a cheaper option you can get the AWP | Safari Mesh for only $0.10 on BitSkins and grab yourself a nice 33% discount compared to Steam, talk about a great deal!


Released in 2013, by The Alpha Collection, The FAMAS | Spitfire is a perfect skin for the military-themed Counter-Strike inventory. The FAMAS skin got inspiration from the infamous Spitfire plane art which was used a lot during the Second World War in Britain. The art is used to give life and shark mouths have been painted on military aircraft since the First World War, to intimidate a foe and also to show some fighting spirit. As used on the plane the skin also has the same art style with the very end of the rifle at the barrel showcasing the shark's mouth and the rest of the skin is an olive dark green finish. You can find tons of great offers on BitSkins for the FAMAS | Spitfire.


In 2020, The Operation Broken Fang Case brought us the G3SG1 | Digital Mesh, which is a perfect skin for the military-themed Counter-Strike inventory. The unique dark red and white camo skin is very high quality and detailed with it printed all over the barrel, scope, and stock of the rifle. You can purchase this skin on BitSkins for only $0.29 instead of paying $0.42 which gives you a fantastic 33% discount compared to Steam.

Galil AR

With another Black Sand skin in this military-themed Counter-Strike inventory, for the Galil AR, one of the best options is the Galil AR | Black Sand. Having the same black and boreal forest camo all over the rifle, it's a perfect choice for camouflaging yourself in the forest environment. You can buy the Galil AR | Black Sand on BitSkins for $0.11, which is 31% cheaper compared to the Steam market.


Released in 2018 in the Danger Zone Case, the M4A1-S | Flashback is a perfect skin for the military-themed Counter-Strike inventory as it reminisces the Vietnam War as a theme of this M4A1-S skin. The dark green covering the whole body as well as the scratches on the rifle even in the best float showcases that the rifle has been used in combat to give it another layer of realism. Even better than the skin itself is the 36% discount you can get if you buy the M4A1-S | Flashback at $5.07 on BitSkins instead of $6.61 on Steam.


The M4A4 | Poly Mag is based and designed to replicate real-life things. This M4A4 skin released in 2022 in the Recoil Case, is trying to replicate the typical M4 With black tan, which is commonly used in the M4 Family. But instead of fully replicating it 1:1 it added its twist of adding, as the name suggests, a "poly" magazine instead of a normally issued magazine. The poly mag is mainly for looks as it makes it transparent enough to see bullets, on the M4A4 skin itself, the artist did a great job to give the magazine a detailed and transparent look. People could say that this M4A4 skin is a lookalike of Call of Duty’s Modern Warfare 2019 M4A1. On BitSkins you can buy the M4A4 | Poly Mag for only $0.08 which is a 33% discount compared to Steam!


Released from the Shadow Case in 2015, the SCAR-20 | Green Marine is a perfect military-themed Counter-Strike rifle skin for the collection. With its dark and light green camo splitting across the rifle and its Marine emblem or logo above the magazine, it ties everything to a perfect military-themed rifle. You can get the SCAR-20 | Green Marine for only $0.78 on BitSkins, which is 22% cheaper than Steam.

SG 553

For the SG 553, the SG 553 | Atlas is a fine skin for the military-themed Counter-Strike inventory. Released by the Chroma 3 case, in 2016. The skin is completely covered in a dark jungle-like camo pattern, extremely dark green with brighter and dark accents covering the whole rifle. Buying the SG 553 | Atlas on BitSkins gives you a 31% discount and a $0.06 price tag compared to Steam.

SSG 08

The SSG 08 | Jungle Dashed, released in The Ancient Collection in 2020 is a good skin for the military-themed Counter-Strike inventory. Instead of being a camo pattern, it has a spray-painted pattern and texture, to mimic boreal forest colors, all across the sniper rifle with unique dark blue and grey paint brush strokes. As unique as the skin is, the discount is as well, with a whopping 30% off if you choose to buy this skin as a Souvenir on BitSkins.