Top 10 Best Cheap P2000 Skins in CS2

Top 10 Best Cheap P2000 Skins in CS2

By: Poopcie

This will be the twelfth article in a series of bringing you the top cheap CS2 skins for all weapons, to spice up your inventory without costing a lot of money. Today, we bring our attention to the P2000, a powerful starting pistol available on the CT side, capable of performing those crispy one-taps. So why not elevate those influential pistol rounds and give yourself a skin boost with one of these ten cheap, yet good-looking skins below?

P2000 | Wicked Sick

Starting this list off with a crazy one, we have the P2000 | Wicked Sick. Now, as the name suggests, this skin is wicked sick. It features pops of purple, blue, red, orange, and lime under a white fragmented triangle pattern on the barrel. Definitely check this one out for a cool cheap skin, as it only costs $1.90 in Field-Tested sold right here on BitSkins, which is a 32% discount off the prices at the Steam Market!

P2000 | Acid Etched

If you thought that last skin was unique, wait until you see the P2000 | Acid Etched. Over a purple-blue background, there are slime-like shaped gooey strings of yellows, blues, and purples stretched over the entire gun. This pattern gives the weapon an oddly psychedelic effect when looking at it. This skin will cost you surprisingly only $0.40 in Field-Tested sold on BitSkins!

P2000 | Gnarled

Switching vibes, we have the P2000 | Gnarled. This skin depicts a sinister-looking tangled tree with its branches stemming from the grip of the gun into the barrel, with an orange setting sun in the background to really add to the mysterious and sinister vibe of the skin. This one is especially cheap, and perfect if you just have a few cents lying around your BitSkins wallet because it only costs $0.07!

P2000 | Imperial Dragon

The P2000 | Imperial Dragon really stands out for its intricate artwork, which depicts an imperial dragon outlined over a deep rich orange background. Its head placed right in the center of the barrel facing outwards is ready to incinerate anyone standing in its way. This skin costs $2.35 for a Field-Test Condition on BitSkins, 20% cheaper than the prices listed on the Steam Market!

P2000 | Handgun

The P2000 | Handgun takes a much different approach than the Imperial Dragon, resorting to a cartoony art style instead. This skin features a person holding his hand in the shape of a gun, with two fingers pointing at the barrel with the text “BOOM” and a blast effect out the barrel. If you like this comic book-styled art, it will only cost you $0.51 in Field-Tested Condition on BitSkins!

P2000 | Pulse

The P2000 | Pulse contains quite a unique design, featuring a shattered glass pane-like pattern, with a jade green color over an abyss of black background. Of course, you can further elevate this skin with some green or yellow stickers. The price of this skin is just $2.09 for a Factory-New variant, an absolute steal for this unique design.

P2000 | Imperial

If you prefer a red-colored skin for your inventory, this skin and the following might just be perfect for you. First up, the P2000 | Imperial has a solid rich shade of red, along with golden engraved and braided lines along the side of the weapon. This skin in Factory-New Condition costs just $0.29, a very good option for a top cheap P2000 skin.

P2000 | Obsidian

Following the P2000 | Imperial, we have the P2000 | Obsidian. This skin depicts flowing red hot magma originating from the hammer of the pistol and transforming into obsidian as it cools. This skin will be perfect for any red crafts, such as Faze or Astralis stickers. You can find this on BitSkins in Field-Tested for just $1.52, a 30% discount off the Steam Market!

P2000 | Amber Fade

Next up in this list of the best cheap P200 skins is the P2000 | Amber Fade. If you’re unsure of what skins to choose, you can never go wrong with the classics. The P2000 | Amber Fade features a gradient of yellow to orange to green, seamlessly stretching from the hammer to the barrel. You can find this on BitSkins in the Field-Tested Condition for just $2.96, 32% cheaper than the Steam Market!

P2000 | Space Race

Concluding this list of the top cheap P2000 skins, we have the P2000 | Space Race. This skin features a very unique design, composed of different shaped lines, organic and geometric designs, star patterns, and much more, all in a beige-orange color theme. If you like this, the skin in Field-Tested Condition costs $2.85. As always, there are tons of savings available by purchasing through BitSkins!