Top 10 Best Graffiti in CS2

Top 10 Best Graffiti in CS2

Graffitis are probably the most neglected item in CS2. Most people don’t even use them, and if they do, they just use a graffiti that was dropped to them as a rank-up reward…

But here at BitSkins, we value every single aspect of an inventory, from knives and weapon skins to agents and music kits, and we think it is time to recognize graffitis as an integral aspect of your CS2 inventory. And what better way to kickstart the graffiti revolution than by showcasing the top 10 best graffiti in CS2?

1.Howling Dawn

The M4A4 | Howl is one of the most iconic and most expensive weapon skins in CS2, and this graffiti is a wonderful tribute to the skin. The graffiti features the iconic blazing wolf from the skin and currently sells on BitSkins for $6.56

2. Crown

Don’t want to spend over $600 on a Crown (Foil) sticker, but still want to enhance your inventory? If so, then the Crown graffiti is a great choice for you, because it looks identical to the sticker itself, with the only downside being that you can only paint it on walls and floors; you can't apply it onto a skin. Best of all, the Graffiti | Crown costs just $3.30 on BitSkins, which is 0.5% of the cost of a Crown (Foil).

3. Fire Serpent

Just like the first two graffiti we featured on this list, the Graffiti | Fire Serpent is an homage to a very iconic and expensive skin, paying tribute to the AK-47 | Fire Serpent. The graffiti, which features the same design that is featured on the AK-47 comes at a fraction of the cost, with current listings as low as $1.42.

4. Guardian Dragon

Looking to strike fear into your opponents with scary graffiti? Check out the Graffiti | Guardian Dragon, which, just like the Sticker | Guardian Dragon and Sticker | Guardian Dragon (Foil), comes from the Perfect World collection.

5. Clutch

Just pulled off an incredible clutch and want to boast? What better way to do so than by spraying this cool Clutch graffiti onto the ground for all of your spectators to see? Best of all, with prices starting as low as $2.25 on BitSkins, you can show off your clutches in style even on a budget!

6. Drug War Veteran

Though its popularity is mostly the result of it being a tribute to a sticker that is a meme among the CS2 skins community(for obvious reasons), the graffiti is still really cool and looks a lot like graffiti that you may see in real life!

7. Rekt

If Graffiti | Clutch wasn’t enough for you, check out Graffiti | Rekt, which is a great way to trash-talk your opponents without even having to open the chat! Just spray this graffiti and watch as your enemies’ slowly begin to slide down the slippery slope of tilt.

8. Unicorn

In the midst of all of this trash-talking, scary-looking, boasting graffiti, sometimes it is refreshing to see a small little unicorn with colorful hair, and it’s even more refreshing to learn that this graffiti costs just $1.10 on BitSkins!

9. Cerberus

This next graffiti is pretty much the exact opposite of the Graffiti | Unicorn, with its disturbing imagery and unique colors. The Graffiti | Cerberus features green imagery of the iconic three-headed dog with yellow paint dripping down, and it only costs $1.21 when you buy it from

10. EZ

The only better way to tilt your opponents than using the Graffiti | Rekt is to spray the Graffiti | EZ, which lets your enemies know that demolishing them was no challenge for you. Plus, it only costs $1.95 on BitSkins, and we think that this level of trash-talk is definitely worth the price.