Top 10 Cheap SSG-08 Skins

Top 10 Cheap SSG-08 Skins

By: Poopcie

Continuing our series of featuring the top-rated cheap skins for all weapons in CS2, today we shine the spotlight on the SSG-08, better known as the Scout. Nothing feels better than a clean Scout headshot across mid or long, so why not make those flashy plays even better with a great-looking skin? These skins are already very affordable, but of course, look at for even more savings!

SSG-08 | Fever Dream

Starting this list off with an absolute banger, we have the SSG-08 | Fever Dream. This skin is without a doubt one of the most unique-looking skins for the Scout, highlighted by its flashy blue and pink color scheme. The skin features, as the name suggests, a “fever dream,” a spray-painted schizophrenic design on the body of the weapon. You can find this weapon on the Steam Community Market for only $0.43 in the Field-Tested condition.

SSG-08 | Abyss

Continuing with one of the most popular budget skins for the Scout, we present the SSG-08 | Abyss. This skin is perfect in really any condition, because of its luminescent blue in a rock-like texture, making it also good for any blue sticker crafts (4x Titan (Holo) | Katowice 2014 anybody?) Best of all, you can buy this skin for only $0.27 on the Steam Community Market!

SSG-08 | Bloodshot

If you prefer a more intricate artsy pattern, consider looking into the SSG-08 | Bloodshot. This skin is however a bit on the expensive side, but worth it if you like the design. This skin features an art style that combines the theme from the Hyperbeast skin line and merges it with the monsters found on the map Overpass. You can find this on the Steam Community Market for $8.59 in the Field-Tested condition, but of course, you can find this on BitSkins for 25% off!

SSG-08 | Parallax

The SSG-08 | Parallax is one of the best cheap SSG-08 skins CS2 has to offer. This skin has a zebra pattern on the body, with a black stock and barrel with almost 3D text in blue and red popping out. The body features the text “one shot one kill”, and the combination of the red and blue colors for the text makes you feel psychedelic looking at it. Best of all, this skin goes on the Steam Community Market in the Field-Tested Condition for only $2.80, but of course, you can save 30% on BitSkins!

SSG-08 | Ghost Crusader

Next up, we have the SSG-08 | Ghost Crusader, a distinctive futuristic skin. Featuring a blue and white pattern and a robotic design to turn the Scout into a railgun. You can find this on the Steam Community Market for only $0.63 in the Field-Tested Condition, but of course, there are more savings to be found on BitSkins.

SSG-08 | Spring Twilly

Released in the 2021 Train Collection, the SSG-08 | Spring Twilly includes a distinctive green pattern, with geometric shapes and hypnotizing design. To buy this top cheap skin for the Scout, it will cost $1.03 for Field-Tested on Steam.

SSG-08 | Dragonfire

This skin might just be the best the Scout has the offer in terms of pure artwork, featuring a scaly dragon breathing flames from its nostril straight into the barrel. This beauty does cost a bit more compared to other skins in this list – $12.54 on Steam, or only $9.00 on BitSkins – but totally worth it for the intricacy of the design.

SSG-08 | Slashed

If a simpler aesthetic appeals to you more, consider purchasing the SSG-08 | Slashed. This skin has a simple black background, with orange stripes running diagonally across the body, making it a good skin for crafting with orange stickers. This will cost $2.48 for Field-Tested on Steam, or save 27% by purchasing through BitSkins!

SSG-08 | Turbo Peek

The SSG-08 | Turbo Peek is not only a great skin because of its cheeky name referring to the fast Scout peeks, but also because of the skin design. This bright pink, red, and orange color theme combined with the flashy race cars on the body of the weapon makes this a great skin for the Scout. In the Field-Tested condition, this will cost you $5.67 on Steam, or consider purchasing using BitSkins for only $4.23.

SSG-08 | Mainframe 001

Finally, we end the list of top 10 cheap Scout skins with the SSG-08 | Mainframe 101. This skin depicts a maze-like structure on top of a motherboard, in a blue/purple color theme which also makes it great for crafts. The price on this is only $0.08 in Field-Tested Condition, or just $0.39 if you want to pick it up Factory-New.