CS2 Skin Conditions

CS2 Skin Conditions

CS2 skins are like onions: they have layers. They come from different collections and cases, have different stickers on them, exist in different forms like StatTrak or Souvenir, and perhaps most importantly, they have different conditions. A skin’s condition, also known as its float or wear, is a vital aspect of the skin’s appearance and value.

What are CS2 Skin Conditions?

Every CS2 skin has a condition/wear rating/float assigned to it when it is unboxed. The condition determines how scratched or worn down a skin looks. Wear ranges between 0 and 1, with the skin looking more worn as the value approaches 1; the lower the float, the fewer scratches and scrapes the skin has, and the better it looks.

A lot of skins have their own float ranges. For example, all glove skins in CS2 are capped at 0.06 and 0.8. This means that the skin’s condition cannot exceed 0.8 or be lower than 0.06. Some skins also have extremely small float ranges, while many span all the way from 0 to 1.

The float of a skin determines which wear rating group it will fall into. There are 5 groups in total:

Factory New: 0.00-0.07
Minimal Wear: 0.07-0.15
Field Tested: 0.15-0.37
Well Worn: 0.37-0.44
Battle Scarred: 0.44-1.00

The wear rating group is the largest factor in the price of a liquid skin(any skin without any expensive stickers or rare patterns). All marketplaces separate skins by their Wear Ratings, and thus the AWP | Dragon Lore, for example, sells on BitSkins for $13,499 in Factory New condition, and “just” $4,700 in Battle Scarred condition.

What are the Lowest/Highest/Rare Floats?

Alongside the basic wear rating groups, some skins can be worth more as a result of their float. For example, a skin with a 0.0003 float is worth more than a skin with a 0.06 float, even though they are both in Factory New condition. Some special floats, such as 0.69, 0.420, or 0.1337 may also result in a skin having a higher value for obvious reasons.

Along with this, every single skin has a #1 highest and #1 lowest float skin. These are the individual skins that have the largest and lowest condition values out of every single known version of that skin. #1 Float skins sell for a lot of money, sometimes several thousands of dollars more than the value of the skin itself! New #1 highest and lowest float skins are constantly unboxed or traded up to, which is why it is a big risk to purchase #1 lowest or highest float skins, because they may get beaten before the seven-day trade-hold is up!

Do CS2 Skins Degrade?

NO! Although Valve once considered making CS2 skin conditions get worse the more they are used in the game, that idea never came to fruition. Once a skin’s float value is determined upon being unboxed, dropped, or traded up to, that value will never change.