Top 10 Best Cheap MAC-10 Skins in CS2

Top 10 Best Cheap MAC-10 Skins in CS2

By: Poopcie

In this tenth article in the series highlighting the top ten cheap CS2 skins for every weapon, we finally present to you the MAC-10. One of the most popular guns on the Terrorist side, this gun can strike true fear into any CT standing in the way of a B-rush. So why not add some flare to this beast of a run-and-gun machine by flaring it up with some fire, yet affordable skins? Of course, if you purchase these right here on BitSkins, you can add even more to your savings!

MAC-10 | Disco Tech

Starting this list off with a banger, we have the MAC-10 | Disco Tech. This neon purple-blue skin is absolutely a great option if you like how flashy it is, and turns the bombsite into your disco. Not only does this look flashy, but it is also very cheap on BitSkins, costing only $1.76 in the Field-Tested Condition, a 32% discount from the Steam Market!

MAC-10 | Neon Rider

Continuing with the flashy theme, we have the MAC-10 | Neon Rider. This skins brings the vibe from Disco Tech and multiplies it by 10x. The vibrant pinks and purples pop out and also feature a man with a motorcycle helmet in the center of the weapon. You might also have seen the Neon Rider skin line on the AK-47, but this arguably is executed even better on the MAC-10. Because of how clean this skin looks, this will be a bit more pricey, but still very much affordable, costing $5.58 right here on BitSkins, saving you 20% from the price listed on the Steam Market!

MAC-10 | Toybox

The MAC-10 | Toy Box brings a far more playful and comedic touch to the MAC-10, featuring art in a cartoony style, with a colorful palette of greens, blues, whites, pinks, and oranges. If you enjoy this fun art style, it is one of the top cheap skins the MAC-10 has to offer. You can find this for just $2.60 in the Field-Tested Condition right here on BitSkins, an almost crazy 40% discount from the same skin sold in the Steam Market!

MAC-10 | Monkeyflage

If you dig the design from the MAC-10 | Toy Box, consider also looking at the MAC-10 | Monkeyflage. It features goofy red, beige, and green monkeys in beanlike shapes (sort of like Fall Guys) hiding in leaves, ensuring that anyone who picks up this skin in-game will get a good chuckle. Best of all, BitSkins offers this skin in the Field-Tested Condition for just $0.04!

MAC-10 | Allure

Considering artwork alone, the MAC-10 | Allure stands out far beyond the rest of the skins in this list. The skin depicts a Japanese woman as its centerpiece, with a goldfish and more Japanese-styled turquoise waves, white clouds, and orange and red details. You can find this skin on BitSkins for just $0.34 in the Field-Tested Condition!

MAC-10 | Rangeen

Another solid option for a top cheap MAC-10 skin is the MAC-10 | Rangeen. Similar to the MAC-10 | Allure mentioned previously, it also features intricate patterns, with an eye as its centerpiece and Egyptian designs along the body and magazines in a black/light brown color theme. In Field-Tested Condition, the MAC-10 | Rangeen will cost just $0.16 on BitSkins.

MAC-10 | Last Dive

The MAC-10 | Last Dive offers much more than just one skin, with a variety of patterns completely different from one another. This skin has a detailed leaf-like pattern in a rich orange color, along with turquoise highlights and designs. Depending on the pattern you choose, you could pick out a mostly orange design with turquoise highlights, or more of the detailed turquoise sea shell design. Best of all, this top cheap MAC-10 skin will cost only $1.29 in the Field-Tested Condition right here on BitSkins, a 20% discount off the offers at the Steam Market!

MAC-10 | Malachite

If you prefer a simpler aesthetic, consider looking into the MAC-10 | Malachite. As the name suggests, this skin features a color similar to the green gemstone malachite in real life, with wavy sand-like patterns in it. If you like this, it costs just $1.53 in the Field-Tested Condition.

MAC-10 | Oceanic

Another immaculate option for a simpler aesthetic is the MAC-10 | Oceanic. It has a simple yet clean design, of a black background with organically shaped blue blobs strewn over the skin. This is perfect for any budget inventory if you have just $0.08 lying around, but you can only get prices this low at!

MAC-10 | Nuclear Garden

Closing off this list of Top Cheap MAC-10 Skins in CS2, we have the MAC-10 | Nuclear Garden. This skin depicts human skulls and bones littered in a green toxic sludge solution, bringing death to any site you rush with this weapon. You can buy this skin on BitSkins for just $4.49 in the Field-Tested Condition, a 20% discount off the prices listed on the Steam Market!