Top 10 Most USEFUL Mirage CT-Side Smokes

Top 10 Most USEFUL Mirage CT-Side Smokes

Counter-Strike 2's transition to MR12 has completely changed the game. The strategies used for both the CT-side and T-side on nearly all maps have slightly changed. Some maps are known for being incredibly CT-sided, meaning the CTs have an advantage. However, some maps have become more T-sided since the release of Counter-Strike 2 so it’s important to utilize defensive smoke lineups when fighting against a well-coordinated team on the T-side. With Counter-Strike 2’s volumetric smoke system, it’s important to take advantage of the increased bloom size of smokes, which you can use to block more space or create interest and new one-ways that weren’t possible in CS:GO. This guide will break down the top 10 most useful smoke lineups for mirages CT-side that will help you dominate on the CT side.

It’s worth noting that some of these smoke lineups require precise timing that requires a jump-throw bind to ensure consistency. An example command for a standard jump-throw bind is shown below.

alias "+jumpaction" "+jump;";

alias "+throwaction" "-attack; -attack2";

alias "-jumpaction" "-jump";

bind "KEY" "+jumpaction;+throwaction;"

You can copy and paste these commands into the console or preferably into an autoexec.cfg file, making sure to replace “KEY” with your desired jump throw bind key, “v” for example.

A Site Ramp:

The T’s will often rush A ramp for a fast A site execute which would overwhelm the A site anchor. However, you can smoke off A ramp to prevent a fast A-site. Simply get stuck in this corner, aim your crosshair to the left side of the straps on the box, and left-click throw. This fully blocks off pit leaving no gaps for the T-side to abuse.

A Site Defensive:

A common spotting position for the A=site anchor is from behind ticket. But once you make contact it’s difficult to defend from this position alone with a full team rushing A-site. However, throwing this defensive smoke once you spot an A-site push will allow you to push up and slow their advance. Simply position yourself anywhere behind ticket and aim your crosshair to the left of the corner of this box and left-click throw. This smokes off part of A site so the T’s cannot spot you from connector and allows you to hide in the smoke.

A Site Palace:

It’s common for T-side lurkers to go through palace slowly with an AWP which can often punish the CTs rotating from jungle or connector. A palace smoke is essential to prevent the T’s from clearing the site. Simply get yourself stuck in this back corner in the CT spawn, aim your crosshair to the top left of this window and left-click jumpthrow. This smoke will cover palace without extending into dark to prevent a lurking T player.

Bottom Connector

The strategy around Mirage usually revolves around taking mid control, because of this the T’s will push top mid on many of the rounds. So, it’s important to have a player peaking mid through connector. Throwing a smoke bottom connector is key to not being spotted easily when peaking. Simply rush towards connector from A site, aim your crosshair at this stone pillar, and left-click throw once you pass the steps while running. This smoke will prevent any T’s from peaking from underpass so you can focus on top mid.

Aggressive Bottom Mid

This smoke is heavily dependent on an aggressive and confident playstyle. If you have confidence in your aim, then rush through top mid and throw this smoke. Once in connector, aim your crosshair anywhere to the right side of the stone pillar and left-click throw while running. This provides you with cover from mid boxes to allow you to move up and stop the T’s from gaining control of top mid early.

Mid Underpass

Off angles are super important because of Counter-Strike 2’s "peekers advantage." This smoke will allow you to play unpredictably and catch the T’s by surprise. First, stand flush against the middle of this metal door to prevent players from spotting you from top mid. Then aim your crosshair to the bottom right of this window as shown and right-click throw. This smoke will fully block off underpass and allow you to jump down from window and play safely from underpass for a short time. If you get a teammate to boost you, you can peak top mid through catwalk which is an extremely powerful off angle. Keep in mind T’s can break the smoke with an HE grenade leaving you vulnerable.

Mid Catwalk(One Way)

Just like the connector player, the catwalk player is just as important for taking mid-control as CT’s. By smoking off cat you can push up with enough cover to peak top mid for kills or information. This smoke is best utilized as a team with one player rushing for cat from B-site and the other player throwing this smoke. Simply get stuck in this back left corner in CT spawn and aim your crosshair on top of the leftmost window and left-click jumpthrow. This smoke will bloom in such a way that the cat player can use it as cover to peak top mid relatively safely.

Top Mid From CT Spawn

CS:GO’s skybox limited potential for across-the-map smoke lineups, but this all changed in Counter-Strike 2. Smokes such as the FaZe instant mid-inferno smoke and the instant mid-ancient smoke broke the meta. This top mid smoke can be thrown from CT spawn to halt the T’s from taking top mid quickly. Simply get stuck in the back left corner and aim your crosshair just above the wooden roof as shown then run 2 steps forward and left-click jumpthrow. This smoke is tricky to land right but when paired with a top mid Molotov it works well to stop the T’s from pushing through the smoke so you can take mid-control early.

B Site Defensive

One of the most common T-side plays on Mirage is a hard B-site rush. To slow the T’s down the B-side anchor whose jump spotting from van can throw this defensive smoke when there’s contact and retreat to half wall to allow time for the CTs to rotate. Just hold your back flush to the wall and left-click throw anywhere on this wall as shown and retreat to half wall to a more defensive position.

B Site Apartments

An alternative B-site play that’s more aggressive is a deep apartments smoke. Align yourself flush up against the edge of this stone wall and aim your crosshair on the second metal bar as show and left-click throw. This smoke is best paired with a deep apartments Molotov to discourage the T’s from pushing through the smoke for a fast B-site execute. This allows ample time for the CTs to rotate over to B-site.