CS2 Gamma Doppler Phases Guide

CS2 Gamma Doppler Phases Guide

Gamma Doppler knives are some of the most sought after knives in CS2. With several knives to choose from and a ton of super clean finishes, Gamma Doppler is indisputably one of the best knife finishes in the game. Like regular Dopplers, Gamma Doppler knives have a complex pattern system. Every Gamma Doppler knife pattern belongs to a specific phase group, and some phases can be worth significantly more than others. However, while Dopplers have 7 different phases, Gamma Dopplers only have 5 official phases, which can be both a good and bad thing. Without any further adieu, lets dive into these phases!

Phase 1

Phase 1 Gamma Dopplers have received a big change in CS2, and while they used to be kind of boring in CS:GO, they look much cooler now! Gamma Doppler (Phase 1) knives now feature a cyan design, almost like an artificial blue gem. Upon inspecting, a very minimal green tint can be spotted, but for the most part, the knives are a clean, sleek, bright cyan design.

Phase 2

Next up is Phase 2 Gamma Dopplers, where we see more green. The knives feature a mostly dark green design with some visible cyan highlights still remnant. For the most part, the knife looks somewhat like an Emerald, but it is clear that it isn't quite a real Emerald. Nonetheless, Phase 2 Gamma Dopplers tend to be the most expensive phase of Gamma Doppler other than the Emerald.

Phase 3

Phase 3 Gamma Dopplers are one of the least cool looking Gamma Dopplers and thus Phase 3 is one of the cheapest phases, but it is still a pretty cool finish. Phase 3 usually features a pretty equal mix of cyan and green which creates a weird green color that some people don't like, but the knife can still draw attention in-game regardless of its unique color.

Phase 4

Tending to be the cheapest Gamma Doppler phase, Phase 4 Gamma Dopplers are pretty much identical to Phase 3 in CS2. While there were some distinct differences between the two in CS:GO, CS2's graphics changes made them almost indistinguishable. Phase 4 Gamma Dopplers are characterized by a mostly cyan color with some green accents making for a darker cyan theme.


Finally, we have reached the ultimate Gamma Doppler Phase, though the Emerald is considered a "Gem" knife rather than part of a specific phase. Nonetheless, Emeralds are still part of the Gamma Doppler family and thus must be featured. The knives feature a completely green design that shines in the sunlight to create a blinding Emerald gem. The Emerald is one of the most sought-after and expensive knife finishes in CS2, and on certain knife types, it sells for well over $10,000! Nothing compares to an Emerald; many players consider it the best of the 3 Gem Knives(Ruby, Sapphire, Emerald).