How Do CS2 Drops Work?

How Do CS2 Drops Work?

Counter-Strike 2 is unique for plenty of reasons, but one of the most unique and rewarding(quite literally) aspects of the game is that you get paid to play. Just by playing a few hours of CS2 every week, you will get rewarded with CS2 skins and cases that you can sell for real money!

How To Get CS2 Drops

To get drops in CS2, all you need to do is play the game! Every week, you are eligible for a weekly supply package that you can earn by leveling up in-game. To level up, you just need to play a few games until you gain enough XP, which shouldn’t take more than a few games of Premier mode. After you level up, you can navigate to the store page to claim your drop! Keep in mind that you will need to buy a Prime subscription for CS2 to earn XP.

Is CS2 Prime Worth It?

YES! A CS2 Prime subscription costs just $14.99, and you can easily make that money back from just a few weeks of drops from playing Premier or other CS2 game modes. If you play for a few hours every week, you can easily earn upwards of $50 in a year, which may not be a lot of money to most people, but considering you are earning that money by playing video games, we think that is quite the deal!

How to Sell CS2 Drops

If you want to sell your CS2 drops for real money, you can do so using After receiving your drop, follow the steps in this article: How to Buy and Sell Skins on BitSkins, to sell your skins. Then, you can easily withdraw the funds to multiple cryptocurrencies, or your Visa Card! That's right, you can quite literally make real, withdrawable money just by playing CS2!