How To Master The Glock-18 in CS2

How To Master The Glock-18 in CS2

There are certain skills in CS2 that one can avoid. Some players have gone years without learning callouts on maps, some have spent a decade in the game and still don't know the Mirage window smoke. However, one skill cannot be avoided: the pistol round. The pistol round is vital to Counter-Strike, and to master it, you must master your skills with the pistol.

Last week, we covered how to master the USP-S in CS2, but today we are back to help the Terrorists. In this article, we will be helping you master pistol rounds by continuing our series teaching you how to master every weapon in CS2, with this installment featuring the Glock-18. Without further adieu, lets master the Glock-18 once and for all!


Positioning is a hard task as a Terrorist because you are obligated to attack, and sitting around corners waiting for the CTs to find you isn't the most viable strategy. However, in post-plant scenarios, or really in any moment possible, you should try to position yourself somewhere that will catch the opponent off guard. This is necessary because the USP-S can kill an enemy with a single shot to the head, while the Glock-18 requires two shots. Thus, you need to get two shots onto your opponent before they can even land one. This requires advanced positioning and good map awareness, both of which you can practice in-game even when you aren't only using the Glock.

Master Aim

The Glock-18 has one feature that makes it very subpar in CS2; it does very minimal damage, and at long range, it does practically none. If you ask any seasoned CS2 players, they will tell you about a time they did 80 damage in 15 Glock shots. This is because at range, the damage dealt by the Glock-18 drops off significantly, making it vital for you to hit headshots and headshots only. Practice your aim on workshop maps, in Deathmatch, or against bots.


Deathmatch is an excellent way to perfect your play style with every single weapon in CS2. If you want to perfect quick reaction time, crosshair placement and aim in real-game situations, queue up some deathmatch games. Each one is only 10 minutes, so if you have some spare time to grind, this is a great way to do it. Plus, you will play on real CS2 maps, so you can practice aiming around certain angles and improve your positioning to avoid being exposed to multiple angles at once. Best of all, you are awarded points for every kill, so you can track your improvements by how many points you earn in your deathmatch games.

Master Tracking

To minimize the shots it takes to kill an opponent, you need to master tracking so that you can follow your enemies and hit them with 100% accuracy while they move. Use workshop maps to practice tracking opponents so that you can hit make quick work of your opponents even when they try dodging bullets.

Be Discipline With Your Trigger

Trigger discipline is one of the hardest skills to learn in CS2. After years of trying to master reaction time, allowing enemies to pass and not shooting them can be almost impossible at first. However, if you learn to trigger discipline, you can pull off tons of sneaky kills to destroy your enemies' confidence in the first round of the half. Try to sneak into the back line of the CTs, and once you get behind them, wait for all of them to be in close proximity and shred them. If you shoot prematurely, one of your enemies will turn quickly and kill you before you can flick over to them. The trick is to be disciplined until the perfect time arises because odds are they don't expect you behind them(if they do, shoot for your life or run for your life!)