How to Master the M4A1-S

How to Master the M4A1-S

We are back with another article to help you master every single weapon in CS2, and in this edition of the series we are going to be diving into the M4A1-S; the Counter-Terrorist's main rifle. The M4A1-S is the CT equivalent to the AK-47, and during most full buy rounds, the majority of a team will have either an M4A1-S or an M4A4. Thus, since you are a Counter-Terrorist for around 50% of your playtime in CS2, mastering the weapon is vital to improving. Without further adeiu, lets learn how to master the M4A1-S

*If you mainly use the M4A4, keep an eye out for an upcoming M4A4 Mastery article on

Spray Control

Spray control is probably one of the most important skills in CS2. The M4A1-S sprays up, to the right, and to the left. Pull down to the left and back to the right to compensate for this. It may take a lot of time to master the spray, but commitment to learning it will prove very beneficial, and it can be made easier with workshop maps made for mastering spray control.

Deathmatch and Aim Training

Deathmatch is an excellent way to perfect your play style with every single weapon in CS2. If you want to perfect quick reaction time, crosshair placement, recoil control, and aim in real-game situations, queue up some deathmatch games. Each one is only 10 minutes, so if you have some spare time to grind, this is a great way to do it. Plus, you will play on real CS2 maps, so you can practice aiming around certain angles and improve your positioning to avoid being exposed to multiple angles at once. Best of all, you are awarded points for every kill, so you can track your improvements by how many points you earn in your deathmatch games.

You can also play aim training maps to practice shooting opponents who are standing still. It may not be as realistic as Deathmatch, but you can play for much longer, and truly master crosshair placement so that you can get that 100% headshot consistency.


When playing as a Counter-Terrorist, you will be facing up against the most dangerous weapon in CS2: the AK-47. The AK can kill with a single shot to the head, while the M4A1-S requires a headshot followed by a body shot. To compensate for this disadvantage, you must position yourself in angles where you can get two shots onto your opponent before they can get one. Practice playing smart off-angles, unique positions where you won't be expected, and in hidden corners.


As with every skill in CS2, the best way to improve your M4A1-S abilities is to play with the weapon in the game. Even if you have yet to perfect your play style with the weapon, it will still prove to be very beneficial to put yourself in real-game scenarios where performing well with the M4A1-S matters. Plus, if you play better under pressure, you may excel with the M4A1-S in a Premier or Competitive match, and even if you don't perform well, you can always watch the demo replay to see what you did wrong and how you can improve.