How to Master the SSG 08 in CS2

How to Master the SSG 08 in CS2

The SSG 08, more commonly referred to as the Scout is one of 4 sniper rifles offered in CS2. With a buy price of just $1,700, it is the cheapest sniper and a great choice for eco rounds. The weapon can kill opponents with 2 shots to the body or 1 shot to the head.

In this article, we will be teaching you how to master the SSG 08. You can find more guides to mastering weapons here.

Crosshair Placement

Since the SSG 08 requires two shots to the body to kill an opponent, you pretty much need to hit consistent headshots to perform well with it. Otherwise, you will be dead before you can get your second shot off. To perfect your crosshair placement, practice aiming on aim training workshop maps. Try moving around, scoping out, then scoping in and immediately adjusting to head position. Along with this, try to train your hand to remember the head height of a crouched player so that if your enemy crouches to avoid the headshot, you can quickly flick down and hit the shot.


Flicking with a sniper is an important skill in almost every First Person Shooter game. Though it requires lots of practice to master, you can train flicks on aim training and tracking workshop maps. Move your crosshair to a certain place on the screen, pick an enemy to target, then flick your hand over and shoot. It will be hard at first, but eventually, you will see some very satisfying improvement.


This definitely isn't the most needed skill to master the Scout in CS2, but it can provide an advantage, and also help you hit some clean clips. Since scoping the SSG 08 obstructs your vision, staying unscoped until the second you need to shoot can give you a vision advantage. Try peeking angles unscoped, then scope in as soon as you see the enemy and flick over to their head to hit the perfect shot.


Missing a Scout shot can be detrimental since it gives your opponent an opportunity a window of time to kill you before your next shot. Thus, mastering movement to avoid enemy shots is vital. Try playing KZ maps to master movement, then put it to the test in game!


As with every skill in CS2, the best way to improve your SSG 08 abilities is to play with the weapon in the game. Even if you have yet to perfect your play style with the weapon, it will still prove to be very beneficial to put yourself in real-game scenarios where performing well with the Scout matters. Plus, if you play better under pressure, you may excel with the SSG 08 in a Premier or Competitive match, and even if you don't perform well, you can always watch the demo replay to see what you did wrong and how you can improve.