Military-Themed CS Inventory: Heavy Edition!

Military-Themed CS Inventory: Heavy Edition!

When it comes to the first few Counter-Strike skins released to the game back in 2013, the main theme was military camos and dark colors to fit in the environment. But still, to this day Counter-Strike skin creators like to keep the tradition of these military-themed Counter-Strike skins. In this article, we are going to cover the best military-themed shotgun skins in the game!


For the MAG-7, to fit the military-themed Counter-Strike inventory we have the MAG-7 | Metallic DDPAT, released in 2013 by The Train Collection. The MAG-7 Skin is completely covered by a shiny, as the name suggests, metallic digital camo. The main theme of colors is white, black, and dark grey to fit the metallic color scheme to perfection. You can purchase the MAG-7 | Metallic DDPAT for only $0.16 on BitSkins compared to $0.23 on the Steam market and receive a nice 30% discount while doing so.


Perfect for the military-themed Counter Strike inventory, the Nova | Toy Soldier is a nova skin released in the Horizon case in 2018. The skin creator was inspired by the famous American 3D Plastic toy soldiers that were used to roleplay and play for children. As we can see the creator wanted to create an identical copy with the plastic slate-type material for the body and on the stock of the shotgun we can see the typical army star logo. Even better you can buy the Nova | Toy Soldier on BitSkins for only $0.42, instead of paying $0.58 on Steam.


The best skin, released in the Chroma 3 Case in 2016, for the Sawed-Off that perfectly fits the military-themed Counter-Strike inventory is the Sawed-Off | Fubar. Similar to the Flashback skin line in the game, this Sawed-Off has a bit of personality by engraving possibly days that the soldier of this shotgun has been through during his operation, which adds a unique and extra touch to the firearm. Moving along to the body we can see once again the army star which the United States military uses on their Military machinery or weaponry. On BitSkins can grab the Sawed-Off | Fubar for only $0.06!


The XM1014 | CaliCamo is a perfect skin to be used in the military-themed Counter-Strike inventory, released in the Italy collection in 2013 is a pattern-based XM1014 skin. It is completely covered in desert-styled camo perfect for hiding in non-forest dry environments. You can buy the XM1014 | CaliCamo on BitSkins for very cheap at only $0.05, which is 46% cheaper compared to the Steam market.


For the M249, the M249 | Jungle DDPAT is a good option for the military-themed Counter-Strike inventory which was released in The Alpha Collection in 2013. The skin itself is covered in the jungle-themed colored digital camo which is darker compared to a typical boreal digital camo because in the jungle light is blocked more and a darker camo could easily help for hiding. On Steam the M249 | Jungle DDPAT for $1.76, instead you should buy it on BitSkins for a cheaper price at $1.38 which saves you 22%.


Finally, the Negev! The Negev | Army Sheen is a perfect fit for the military-themed Counter-Strike inventory, released in 2013 by The Bank Collection. The Negev has extremely dark colors with mainly green and some black camo on the body of the machine gun, which would perfectly fit in dark environments. You can buy this Negev on BitSkins for a very low price of $0.03, which is a 40% discount compared to Steam's price.