Military-Themed CS Inventory: SMGs Edition!

Military-Themed CS Inventory: SMGs Edition!

When it comes to the first few Counter-Strike skins released to the game back in 2013, the main theme was military camos and dark colors to fit in the environment. But still, to this day Counter-Strike skin creators like to keep the tradition of these military-themed Counter-Strike skins. In this article, we are going to cover the best military-themed SMG skins in the game!


The MAC-10 | Urban DDPAT, released in 2013 by The Vertigo Collection is perfect for the military-themed Counter-Strike inventory. The MAC-10 skin is covered completely by an urban digital camo with patches of dark and light grey as well as white, which is perfect for urban combat. Even better than the skin itself is the price tag at only $2.03 instead of $3.01 on Steam, giving you a fantastic 33% discount.


Released by the 2018 Inferno Collection, the MP5-SD | Dirt Drop, is a dark brown, or as the name suggests dirt colored skin that blends in either mud or forest combat. The main colors are super dark to perfectly camouflage with its black stripes and dark brown and grey body. You can buy this skin for really cheap on BitSkins at only $0.07 and save 21% compared to buying it on Steam.


For the MP7, the MP7 | Guerrilla, released in 2021 in the Operation Riptide Case, has a theme of dark green and black which ties well with the military-themed Counter-Strike inventory. The reason why green connects with the military is that most of the world's landscaping and foliage is some hue of green or blends well with the color green, this skin ties well with the theme for its color, and because on the handle we can see the “Army Star” on the handle of the MP7. Best of all you can buy the MP7 | Guerrilla for only $0.27 on BitSkins instead of $0.41 on the Steam market.


Perfect for the military-themed Counter-Strike inventory, the MP9 | Black Sand was released in the Clutch Case in 2018. The top of this MP9 skin is completely covered by a boreal or forest camo with the other parts of the skin being a slate of black. Buying the MP9 | Black Sand will be 49% cheaper compared to buying the skin on Steam.


With the twist of Navy blue color, the PP-Bizon | Night Riot is an amazing skin for the military-themed Counter-Strike inventory which was released in the same case as the MP9 | Black Sand, which is the Clutch Case. The PP-Bizon skin features a distinct blue camo often used by the Navy in the United States which is made on purpose to provide sailors with practical and functional attire for work. Speaking of functionality, the price tag of the PP-Bizon | Night Riot is significantly less on BitSkins at a whopping 50% compared to the Steam market.


Going from sea to land, the P90 | Desert DDPAT is well deserved to be in the military-themed Counter-Strike inventory. Released in the 2021 Dust 2 Collection, this P90 skin perfectly fits the desert combat. The main theme of this P90 skin is to copy the Marine camo they use fighting in desert climates. You can buy this skin for $0.38 on BitSkins with a 33% discount compared to Steam’s $0.57 price tag.


With a similar style to the MP9 | Black Sand, the UMP-45 | Riot is a UMP skin released in 2015 by the Falchion Case. The top of the SMG is covered with camo and the bottom half is black. You can purchase this skin on BitSkins for $0.48 instead of $0.81 on Steam, giving you a nice 41% discount.