Top 10 Best Cheap Desert Eagle Skins in CS2

Top 10 Best Cheap Desert Eagle Skins in CS2

By: Poopcie

Today, we delve into the top 10 best cheap skins for the Desert Eagle. Known as the Deagle, it is an all-or-nothing hand cannon. This formidable weapon is capable of achieving one-shot headshots for only $700 but is entirely dependent on you to hit those shots. Even if you don’t have a lot of money to spend on skins, you can still increase the odds for a crispy “Juan Deag” by boosting your confidence with one of these good-looking budget skins.

Desert Eagle | Light Rail

Starting with an absolute banger, we present to you the Desert Eagle | Light Rail. This is no doubt one of if not the best budget skins in this list. Featuring a yellow-to-orange gradient near the front barrel and a metallic gray texture on the handle, it is an extremely clean design. Best of all, it only costs $0.74 for Field-Tested on Steam, affordable for any budget inventory.

Desert Eagle | Bronze Deco

Released in the Chroma 2 Collection, Desert Eagle | Bronze Deco is another very simplistic yet good-looking skin. This skin has a gray background, with bold golden lines painted cleanly on the face of the weapon. It is only $0.23 for Field-Tested on Steam, making it one of the cheapest Deagle skins you can find.

Desert Eagle | Naga

If you happen to already have weapons with similar styles as the AK-47 Cartel, this next skin will fit right in. The Desert Eagle | Naga includes intricately engraved designs on the metal slide, with a wooden handle. This piece of art is only $1.24 on Steam, or save up to 36% using Bitskins!

Desert Eagle | Kumicho Dragon

Another skin similar to the Naga but a bit pricier is the Kumicho Dragon. This skin displays a detailed design of a dragon in white, on top of a dark turquoise-blue background. The handle on this skin is in rich purple, also featuring its own dragon artwork. For a Field-Tested, it surprisingly is only $14.40 despite its intricate design, but still on the pricey side compared to other budget skins in this list.

Desert Eagle | Trigger Discipline

If you prefer a slightly more colorful choice compared to the latest skins, consider purchasing the Desert Eagle | Trigger Discipline. The barrel features a diamond pattern, alternating between a bright pink color and black. You can find this skin in Field-Tested on Steam for $0.41, or only $0.29 on BitSkins.

Desert Eagle | Directive

To the Terminator fans out there, this next skin seems like it was specially tailored for you. Desert Eagle | Directive has a dark musty metallic material, with vent holes and strips on the barrel. Not only does it look badass, it only costs $0.38 for Field-Tested on Steam, an absolute steal.

Desert Eagle | Mecha Industries

Included in the Danger Zone Collection, Desert Eagle | Mecha Industries features a futuristic mechanical design with bright red accents popping out over the white/black background. Of course, if you already have other weapons from the Mecha Industries collection, this skin will be a perfect addition for an affordable price. For a Field-Tested condition, it will only cost $3.93 on Steam, or save 30% by using BitSkins.

Desert Eagle | Conspiracy

If you enjoy the simple aesthetic found in the Desert Eagle | Mecha industries, you will also like this next skin. Desert Eagle | Conspiracy is completely blacked out, with only a few simple golden accent lines. This can only make you imagine how good the crafts could be on this skin. This skin costs $5.06 on Steam, or save up to 20% on BitSkins.

Desert Eagle | Sputnik

Although the previous budget skins shown are already great, nothing matches the vibe of the Desert Eagle | Sputnik. This is quite a playful design, featuring wavy lines, different pattern designs, and a color palette consisting of yellows and dark blues. For the Desert Eagle | Sputnik, it will cost you only $1.30 for a Field-Tested on Steam, or only $1.10 on BitSkins.

Desert Eagle | Night Heist

Last but not least, we have the Desert Eagle | Night Heist. This skin consists of blueprints, with plans drawn over them to execute the perfect heist. Of course, if you are looking for a blue inventory, this will be a good match, or if you already have skins such as the M4A1-S | Blueprint, this will fit right in. You can find a Field-Tested version of this for just under $10 on Steam, a bit pricey but still a good choice if you like the design.