Top 10 Best Cheap Desert Eagle Skins in CS2

Top 10 Best Cheap Desert Eagle Skins in CS2

Today, we delve into the top 10 best cheap skins for the Desert Eagle. Known as the Deagle, it is an all-or-nothing hand cannon. This formidable weapon is capable of achieving one-shot headshots for only $700 but is entirely dependent on you to hit those shots. Even if you don’t have a lot of money to spend on skins, you can still increase the odds for a crispy “Juan Deag” by boosting your confidence with one of these good-looking budget skins.

Desert Eagle | Light Rail

Starting with an absolute banger, we present to you the Desert Eagle | Light Rail. This is no doubt one of if not the best budget skins in this list. Featuring a yellow-to-orange gradient near the front barrel and a metallic gray texture on the handle, it is an extremely clean design. Best of all, it only costs $0.74 for Field-Tested on Steam, affordable for any budget inventory.

Desert Eagle | Bronze Deco

Released in the Chroma 2 Collection, Desert Eagle | Bronze Deco is another very simplistic yet good-looking skin. This skin has a gray background, with bold golden lines painted cleanly on the face of the weapon. It is only $0.23 for Field-Tested on Steam, making it one of the cheapest Deagle skins you can find.

Desert Eagle | Naga

If you happen to already have weapons with similar styles as the AK-47 Cartel, this next skin will fit right in. The Desert Eagle | Naga includes intricately engraved designs on the metal slide, with a wooden handle. This piece of art is only $1.24 on Steam, or save up to 36% using Bitskins!

Desert Eagle | Kumicho Dragon

Another skin similar to the Naga but a bit pricier is the Kumicho Dragon. This skin displays a detailed design of a dragon in white, on top of a dark turquoise-blue background. The handle on this skin is in rich purple, also featuring its own dragon artwork. For a Field-Tested, it surprisingly is only $14.40 despite its intricate design, but still on the pricey side compared to other budget skins in this list.

Desert Eagle | Trigger Discipline

If you prefer a slightly more colorful choice compared to the latest skins, consider purchasing the Desert Eagle | Trigger Discipline. The barrel features a diamond pattern, alternating between a bright pink color and black. You can find this skin in Field-Tested on Steam for $0.41, or only $0.29 on BitSkins.

Desert Eagle | Directive

To the Terminator fans out there, this next skin seems like it was specially tailored for you. Desert Eagle | Directive has a dark musty metallic material, with vent holes and strips on the barrel. Not only does it look badass, it only costs $0.38 for Field-Tested on Steam, an absolute steal.

Desert Eagle | Mecha Industries

Included in the Danger Zone Collection, Desert Eagle | Mecha Industries features a futuristic mechanical design with bright red accents popping out over the white/black background. Of course, if you already have other weapons from the Mecha Industries collection, this skin will be a perfect addition for an affordable price. For a Field-Tested condition, it will only cost $3.93 on Steam, or save 30% by using BitSkins.

Desert Eagle | Conspiracy

If you enjoy the simple aesthetic found in the Desert Eagle | Mecha industries, you will also like this next skin. Desert Eagle | Conspiracy is completely blacked out, with only a few simple golden accent lines. This can only make you imagine how good the crafts could be on this skin. This skin costs $5.06 on Steam, or save up to 20% on BitSkins.

Desert Eagle | Sputnik

Although the previous budget skins shown are already great, nothing matches the vibe of the Desert Eagle | Sputnik. This is quite a playful design, featuring wavy lines, different pattern designs, and a color palette consisting of yellows and dark blues. For the Desert Eagle | Sputnik, it will cost you only $1.30 for a Field-Tested on Steam, or only $1.10 on BitSkins.

Desert Eagle | Night Heist

Last but not least, we have the Desert Eagle | Night Heist. This skin consists of blueprints, with plans drawn over them to execute the perfect heist. Of course, if you are looking for a blue inventory, this will be a good match, or if you already have skins such as the M4A1-S | Blueprint, this will fit right in. You can find a Field-Tested version of this for just under $10 on Steam, a bit pricey but still a good choice if you like the design.