Top 10 Best Cheap Nova Skins in CS2

Top 10 Best Cheap Nova Skins in CS2

You may have noticed the absurd distances the new CS2 Nova can one-shot headshot from, and it honestly might not be a bad purchase on save rounds but you still want the firepower of an AWP. So why not spice up those kills across the map with a spiffy new skin for the Nova without breaking the bank? There are, as usual, tons of savings available to you if you purchase these skins right here on BitSkins!

Nova | Wild Six

Let's begin this list off with one of the boldest designs the Nova has to offer, found in the Wild Six skin. The artwork in this weapon is similar to a mix between the Wasteland Rebel and the AK-47 | Rat Rod with a broken-down rusty design. This skin also features phrases such as “my gun my rules,” and other labels and stickers creating a very unique vibe. You can find this skin on BitSkins in the Field-Tested Condition for just $0.27.

Nova | Wood Fired

Continuing with our list, we have the Nova | Wood Fired. This skin also has a dirtied look, with the wood stock of the Nova tainted rotten green from neglect. The stock and pump are however fire etched with some badass flames, making sure you light up anyone standing in the way of your barrel. This skin can be found on BitSkins in the Field-Tested Condition for just $0.06, a perfect purchase if you just have a few cents lying around.

Nova | Windblown

The Nova | Windblown has definitely earned its spot here on the top cheap Nova skins. This skin features a field of dandelions on the stock of the weapon, with the fuzzy seeds on the dandelions being blown across the body over a beautiful blue sky with white clouds. You can purchase this skin for just $0.07 in the Field-Tested Condition, an absolute steal to grab a good-looking Nova skin.

Nova | Quick Sand

Next up on the list, we have the Nova | Quick Sand, a beige, brown, and blue color-themed skin perfect for any inventory. This skin has different peaks protruding from the sides of the weapon in the different colors of blue and brown, in a pattern that resembles quicksand. This skin only costs you around $0.14 on BitSkins, an excellent deal if you like the pattern and color scheme.

Nova | Koi

The Nova | Koi features stunning koi fish scales, with its signature red and black spots over the gorgeous white scales. Best of all, despite its super unique and good-looking design, it only costs $0.60 if you purchase it right here on BitSkins!

Nova | Exo

If you thought that last skin was unique just check out the Nova | Exo. This skin features an almost three-dimensional pattern, with almost armor-like silver plates hovering over a geometric purple design. Check this one out if you want a top cheap Nova skin, as it only costs $0.10 on BitSkins!

Nova | Interlock

Just like the last skin featured on this list, the Nova | Interlock is just as unique. This skin has many angular cube-like structures covering its body, all interlocked with one another creating a three-dimensional effect that pops out at you. If you like this yellow-themed weapon, it will only cost $0.97 for a Field-Tested Condition skin!

Nova | Red Quartz

Released in the 2021 Train Collection, the Nova | Red Quartz truly stands out among the rest of the top cheap Nova skins in this list. This skin features orange geometric patterns of weaving triangles and such over a black background, and it looks like something straight out of a kaleidoscope. Because of its unique design, it will cost a bit more than the rest of the weapons in this list, being $3.44 in Field-Tested Condition on BitSkins, a 10% discount from Steam!

Nova | Clear Polymer

Why not see the inner workings of the weapon you are going to use to take over a whole bomb site? With the design of the Nova | Clear Polymer, you can see inside the weapon, gazing into the different trigger mechanisms and springs used to fire the shots. You can find this skin for just $2.22 in the Field-Tested Condition on BitSkins, a staggering 20% discount from the Steam Marketplace!

Nova | Walnut

Lastly, why not end this list with a classic and go back to the basics? Released in the Inferno Collection, this beautiful shotgun is made from just metal and polished wooden walnut stock and handle. This skin costs just $0.80 for a Field-Tested Souvenir version, and remember there are always savings to be claimed by purchasing through BitSkins.