How to Master Aim in CS2: AWP Edition

How to Master Aim in CS2: AWP Edition

Welcome to a brand new series of articles where we will teach you how to perfect your aim with every single weapon in CS2. That right, every single weapon: from the MAG-7 to the Five-SeveN. What better way to start off this new series than by featuring one of the most vital weapons in CS2: the AWP? AWPing is a crucial skill in CS2, and it isn't uncommon for games to come down to which team has the better AWPer. So it's time for you to be that better AWPer by reading this short guide on how to master your AWP aim in CS2.


Deathmatch is a great way to perfect your aim in CS2. If you want to perfect quick reaction time and aim in real-game situations, queue up some deathmatch games. Each one is only 10 minutes, so if you have some spare time to grind, this is a great way to do it. Plus, you will play on real CS2 maps, so you can practice aiming around certain angles and improve your positioning to avoid being exposed to multiple angles at once. Best of all, you are awarded points for every kill, so you can track your improvements by how many points you earn in your deathmatch games.

Aim Training

Another great way to perfect your AWP aim is with aim training maps. There are tons of maps available on the CS2 workshop where you can train your aim with the AWP and other weapons! In almost all of these maps, your enemies will be standing still, so you can practice quickscopes, flicks, noscopes, moving shots, and more! To learn more about how to play CS2 workshop maps, read this article.


As with every skill in CS2, the best way to improve is to play the game. Even if your AWP aim isn't quite perfect yet, it doesn't hurt to queue up some games to round off your edges and practice your aim in real-game scenarios where it actually matters. Plus, if you play better under pressure, you may excel with the AWP in a Premier or Competitive match, and even if you don't perform well, you can always watch the demo replay to see what you did wrong and how you can improve.