Best CS2 Training Maps

Best CS2 Training Maps

Over the past few months, we have created countless CS2 training tutorials, from improving reaction time to mastering weapons to perfecting your warmup routine. All of these tutorials have several things in common, but one of the most notable instructions we gave in every article was to practice on different CS2 training maps. However, we realize that we have failed to outline what those maps are. To mend this mistake, we have constructed a list of the best CS2 training maps on the CS2 workshop to help you improve your CS2 skills and rank.

Aim Botz

By far the most iconic and classic training map in Counter-Strike history, Aim Botz is the perfect training map. With access to all weapons, tons of settings to change the number of bots, how they move, special challenges to test your skill, and much more, Aim Botz is one of the best all-in-one aim training maps in existence. We highly suggest adding the map to your training routine and taking a look at what it can do to improve your skills.


Created by arguably the most notable Counter-Strike tournament organizer ESL, the CSStats Training Map is the optimal training map. It allows you to select from all weapons, control the range that bots can spawn in, select from three different bot movement techniques, and choose between different armor configurations. Along with this, you can use headshot mode so that you can only kill enemies with headshots; body shots won't do any damage. Plus, the map's simple design and user interface make it perfect for any basic training session.


With countless customization options, several maps to choose from, and more, the Aim_Training map is one of the most advanced CS2 training maps. The map Was just recently made and already has 13,000 5-star ratings, making it one of the most successful custom CS2 maps in recent history. The map is perfect for training all types of CS2 aim, from reflexes to spray control and 1 tap consistency.

Recoil Master

Created by the same developer that brought us Aim Botz, the Recoil Master spray training map is by far the best map for mastering recoil in CS2. The map allows players to study spray patterns and practice aligning their crosshairs with the recoil to master spray. A few consistent sessions on Recoil Master will bring noticeable recoil improvement, and before long you will realize that your spray control has improved drastically.


Looking to improve movement? If so, then KZ_HUB is the map you need. The simple but challenging KZ course is perfect for learning the basics of KZ while tracking your progress and improving your time. The map gets progressively harder and works with an environment that is similar to that of real CS2 maps. Learn different movement methods, beat your personal best, and master movement with KZ_HUB!

GGPredict Training Hub

With several levels of aim training with broad customization, this training hub might be one of the best for mastering your CS2 skills. Plus, there are tons of additional features, like a zone for learning to surf, leaderboards, and more! The 50-kill training challenge is a great way to track progress while mastering headshot consistency, and the unpredictable bot spawns and movements make the map the perfect place to rain for realistic CS2 situations.