Best 3D Skins in CS2

Best 3D Skins in CS2

CS2 skins have an infinite range of possibilities, and with every new skin, we see more unique ideas come to life in the game. One of the coolest features that some skin creators have experimented with is 3D skins, or skins that appear to “stick out” of the base paint layer that the skin has. Only a few 3D skins have been selected by Valve to be released into the game, and in this list, we are taking a look at some of the best 3D skins in CS2.

MAC-10 | Pipe Down

This 5-year-old MAC-10 skin from the Danger Zone Case is one of the most well-known 3D skins in CS2, and yet it is still extremely affordable. The skin features some gray metal framing, and it appears that there are several red pipes set back from the side of the gun. This is easily one of the coolest and most well-executed 3D skins in CS2, and what makes it even better is the fact that can buy it from BitSkins for up to 30% cheaper than the Steam Community Market!

Desert Eagle | Light Rail

This next skin is also very affordable, and one of the CS2 skin community’s favorite Desert Eagle skins. The skin features a bright, warm array of colors, and the painting of it makes it appear like there have been several notches cut out of the weapon model. There are currently several Desert Eagle | Light Rail listings on BitSkins, going up to 40% cheaper than Steam!

AWP | Black Nile

This next skin is slightly less 3D than some of the others on the list, but it still has a neat topographical pattern that makes it fall into the category of 3D skins. What makes the AWP | Black Nile of the recently released Anubis Collection Package even cooler is that as it reaches higher float conditions, the lines of the topographical map design change from silver to bronze.

AK-47 | Cartel

While it may look a lot like the default AK-47 skin from Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, the AK-47 | Cartel is a lot cooler than some people give it credit for. The skin has been engraved with extreme detail and features a 3D metalwork display truly unique from any other skin in the game. As a bonus, you can get this skin from BitSkins for upwards of 30% cheaper than the prices demanded by the Steam Community Market!

Desert Eagle | Corinthian

It turns out that the Light Rail isn’t the only 3D Desert Eagle, making it one of the only weapons in the game with more than one 3D finish! The Corinthian finish features an elegant engraved bronze design topped off with a leather handle and a gold seal. The skin is also extremely affordable, especially when you take advantage of the amazing prices BitSkins has to offer on the Desert Eagle | Corinthian and more!

M4A1-S | Emphourasour-S

This skin not only has the greatest name in the history of CS2 skins, but it also has an incredible 3D design. The Emphourasour-S features a dinosaur clawing its way out of the inside of the skin, and not only does the broken metal appear to be poking out of the skin to create a 3D feel, but the frighteningly sharp claws of the dinosaur are quite literally pushing through the skin and breaking the fourth wall of CS2 skins!